Title: Enhancing a Mass Spectrometry I/O Framework
Published: March 2006
Authors: Eric Puryear, David S. Angulo, Kevin Drew, Gregor von Laszewski, Alex Schilling
Abstract: Managing the I/O and organization of mass spectrometry data in the form of files and structures within a program is often time consuming due the many fields that need to be set and retrieved. Each programmer handling this in his/her own way leads to incompatibilities and inefficiencies between implementations. The Mass Spectrometry I/O Project addresses these issues by creating a framework that handles mass spectrometry data I/O and data organization thereby allowing researchers to concentrate on data analysis rather than I/O. In addition, the Mass Spectrometry I/O Project leverages several cross platform and portability enhancing technologies, allowing it to be utilized on a wide variety of hardware and operating system combinations.
Keywords: Mass spectrometry, mzXML, cross platform
Full Paper: [doc]