Title: An End-to-End System for Organizing and Sharing Raw and Derived Mass Spectrometry Data
Published: May 2006
Authors: Cosmin Stejerean, Paiboon Siwamutita, E. D. Frank, Carol S Giometti, Gyorgy Babnigg, David S. Angulo, Kevin Drew, Gregor von Laszewski
Abstract: With the increasing amount of work being performed in the field of Mass Spectrometry (MS), a huge amount of data is being generated. This data needs to be properly managed, organized and shared among researchers at various institutions. The problem is further complicated by the different proprietary formats used by manufacturers of MS machines. We demonstrate an end-toend system to automate the process of converting the data to an open format, and to upload the
data to a centralized server where it is easily organized and managed. The system allows scientists to browse, download, and use the data with third party tools. The user-view is simple and hides the underlying data-management system.
Full Paper: [pdf]