Title: Towards a Unified Process for Automated Traceability
Published: June 2007
Authors: Carlos Castro-Herrera 
Abstract: Automated Traceability presents a new way of implementing traceability that can potentially save time and effort over the traditional approaches that require links to be set up and maintained manually. However, in order to maximize the results of this technique, automated traceability has to be implemented within the context of a software engineering process. In this thesis we will present a generic process meta-model that will guide organizations in incorporating automated traceability into their own software engineering processes. We will also provide an example of an instantiation of this meta-model for a particular process and tool. This example, besides illustrating the instantiation of the meta-model, will present a paradigm and technique used to build processes and it will also serve as an open source content starting point.
Keywords: Requirements, Traceability, Automated Traceability, Software Engineering Processes
Full Paper: [pdf]