Research in Telecom

Synopsis of the research area

Academic Research

The deliverable of academic research are research papers published in journal and conference proceedings. The research shall have innovative ideas with theoretical foundation. The results should have the potential for research grants. The topic may be pursued by students to pursue a PhD degree.

Application Research

The deliverables of application research are invited talks, tutorials, and conference papers. The research is to identify practical values and applications to the industry. The major justification is not innovation but practicality for the cost and benefit of a new technology. The topic may be pursued by students for a Master project (TDC696) or an independent study project (TDC597).

Current students

Chibiao Liu Wireless DoS attacksPhD student (2004 - part time)
Imad Ajarmeh MANET Routing and VoIP traffic engineeringPh.D Student (2008)
Scott DoremusWiMAX - Business ModelMS Graduated in 2007
Khan, Faeza VoIPMS Graduated in 2006

Sample publications

James Yu and Imad Al-Ajarmeh, "Design and Traffic Engineering of VoIP for Enterprise and Carrier Networks," IARIA On-Line Journal, Volume-1, January 2009.

Chibiao Liu and James Yu, “A Solution to WLAN Authentication and Association DoS Attacks,” IAENG International Journal of Computer Science, accepted for publication in 2007

Chibiao Liu, and James Yu, "Review and Analysis of Wireless LAN Security Attacks and Solutions," Journal of International Engineering Consortium, Volume-59, 2006, ISBN: 978-1-931695-53-4, pp. 539-554.

R. T. Sheldon, J. T. Yu, et. al. “Reliability Measurement: from Theory to Practice,” IEEE Software, (July 1992), pp. 13-20.

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J. T. Yu, H. E. Dunsmore, and V. Y. Shen, “An Analysis of Several Software Defect Models,” IEEE, Transactions on Software Engineering, SE-14, 9 (September 1988) pp. 1261-1279.

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V. Y. Shen, S. Thebaut, J. T. Yu, and L. Paulsen, “Identifying Error-Prone Software: An Empirical Study,” (with Shen, Thebaut, and Paulsen) IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, SE-11, 4 (April 1985) pp. 317-324.