Technical Reports

Technical Reports

The following is a list of faculty Technical Reports published from 1997 - 2014. For technical reports published before 1997, contact Marcus Schaefer.

2014 Technical Reports

14-001 Amber Settle, What’s Motivation Got to Do with It? A Survey of Recursion in the Computing Education Literature [abstract], [full paper: pdf]

2013 Technical Reports

13-001Jason Spencer, Cellular Automata in Cryptographic Random Generators [abstract], [full paper: pdf]

2012 Technical Reports

12-003 Radha Jagadeesan, Corin Pitcher, and James Riely, Non Interference for Intuitionist Necessity [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
12-002 Craig S. Miller, Metonymy and Student Programming Errors [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
12-001Yonghee Shin, Jane Huffman Hayes, and Jane Cleland-Huang, A Framework for Evaluating Traceability Benchmark Metrics [abstract], [full paper: pdf]

2011 Technical Reports

11-001Patarika Tipwong, Reducing Data Loss and Saving Money by Acquiring Data Loss Prevention Software, December 2011 [abstract], [full paper: pdf]

2010 Technical Reports

10-006Dmitriy Zinovev, Jonathan Feigenbaum, Daniela Raicu, Jacob Furst, Predicting Panel Ratings for Semantic Characteristics of Lung Nodules, September 2010 [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
10-005Ewa Piatkowska, Facial Expression Recognition System, August 2010 [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
10-004 Iyad A. Kanj and Fenghui Zhang, On the independence number of graphs with maximum degree 3, June 2010  (Updated September 2010) [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
10-003Terrence Ziemniak, Use of Machine Learning Classification Techniques to Detect Atypical Behavior in Medical Applications, June 2010 [abstract], [full paper: doc]
10-002Matthew Elcock, The Future of Digital Rights Management in Digital Video, June 2010 [abstract], [full paper: docx]
10-001 Ljubomir Perkovic and Amber Settle, Computational Thinking across the Curriculum: A Conceptual Framework, January 2010 [abstract], [full paper: pdf]

2009 Technical Reports

09-003 Amber Settle, Liz Friedman, An Initial Report on the Impact of Multiple Technical Degree Programs on Undergraduate Recruitment, November 2009, [abstract], [full paper: doc, pdf]
09-002 Nikhil Krishnaswamy, Comparison of Efficiency in Pathfinding Algorithms in Game Development, June 2009, [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
09-001 Xuchang Zou, Improving Automated Requirements Trace Retrieval Through Term-Based Enhancement Strategies, April 2009, [abstract], [full paper: pdf]

1997-2008 Technical Reports

  • 2008 Technical Reports
    08-009 Marcus Schaefer, Complexity of Some Geometric Problems, October 2008, [abstract], [full paper: pdf]

    Ehab Al-Shaer, Will Marrero, Adel El-Atawy, Khalid ElBadawi, Towards Global Verification and Analysis of Network Access Control Configuration, September 2008, [abstract], [full paper: pdf]

    08-007 Iyad A. Kanj, Andreas Wiese, Fenghui Zhang, Computing the k-hop neighborhoods in wireless networks locally, August 2008, [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    Jianer Chen, Iyad A. Kanj, Jie Meng, Ge Xia, Fenghui Zhang, On the Pseudo-Achromatic Number Problem , August 2008, [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    Amber Settle, Will Marrero, Chad Settle, Preliminary Results with a Targeted Online Java Course , August 2008, [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    Martin Zimmermann, Independent Study on Infinite Graph Theory , July 2008, [abstract], [full paper: ps, pdf]
    08-003 Michael J. Pelsmajer, Marcus Schaefer, Despina Stasi, Strong Hanani-Tutte on the Projective Plane , April 2008, [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    08-002 Iyad A. Kanj, Ljubomir Perkovic, Ge Xia, Computing Lightweight Spanning Subgraphs Locally , March 2008. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    08-001 Chuan Duan, Clustering and its Application in Requirements Engineering , April 2008. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
  • 2007 Technical Reports
    07-011 Carl Philips, Ruchaneewan Susomboon, Reem Mokhtar, Daniela Raicu, Jacob Furst, Segmentation of Soft Tissue Using Texture Features and Gradient Snakes , September 2007. [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    07-010 Iyad A. Kanj, Ljubomir Perkovic, Ge Xia, Strictly-Localized Construction of Near-Optimal Power Spanners for Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks , August 2007. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    07-009 Iyad A. Kanj, Ljubomir Perkovic, On Geometric Spanners of Euclidean Graphs and their Applications in Wireless Networks , August 2007. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    07-008 Iyad A. Kanj, Michael J. Pelsmajer, Marcus Schaefer, Ge Xia, On the Induced Matching Problem , August 2007. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    07-007 Daniel Marx, Marcus Schaefer, The Complexity of Nonrepetitive Coloring , July 2007. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    07-006 Matthew A. Goto, Eric J. Schwabe, A Dynamic Programming Algorithm for Finding Highest-Scoring Forbidden-Pairs Paths with Variable Vertex Scores , July 2007. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    07-005 Carlos Castro-Herrera, Towards a Unified Process for Automated Traceability , June 2007. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    07-004 Michael J. Pelsmajer, Marcus Schaefer, Kevin Stern, ?k -Confluent and Ok -confluent Graphs , June 2007. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    07-003 Taghrid Samak, QoS Policy Modeling for Conflict Detection , April 2007. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    07-002 Adel El-Atawy, Taghrid Samak, Zein Wali, Ehab Al-Shaer, Sheng Li, An Automated Framework for Validating Firewall Policy Enforcement , March 2007. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    07-001 Craig S. Miller, Sven Fuchs, Niranchana S. Anantharaman, Priti Kulkarni, Evaluating Category Membership for Information Architecture , January 2007. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
  • 2006 Technical Reports
    06-016 Michael J. Pelsmajer, Marcus Schaefer, Daniel Štefankovic, Removing Even Crossings, Continued , August 2006. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    06-015 Mark Hilgart, Step-Through Debugging of GLSL Shaders , August 2006. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    06-014 Chad Williams, Bamshad Mobasher, Profile Injection Attack Detection for Securing Collaborative Recommender Systems , August 2006. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    06-013 Michael J. Pelsmajer, Marcus Schaefer, Daniel Štefankovic, Crossing Numbers and Parameterized Complexity , August 2006. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    06-012 Robin Burke, Hybrid Recommender Systems: A Comparative Study , August 2006. [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    06-011 Marcus Schaefer, The Graph Sandwich Problem for a coNP Property , July 2006. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    06-010 Bongani Malinga, Daniela Raicu, Jacob Furst, Local vs. Global Histogram-Based Color Image Clustering , June 2006. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    06-009 Jonathan Gemmell, David S. Angulo, Tobin Sosnick, Karl Freed, Abhishek Jha, Andrés Colubri, Joseph DeBartolo, David Kendall, Gregor von Laszewski, Inverse Protein Folding of Ubiquitin on the Illinois Bio-Grid , May 2006. [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    06-008 Ruchaneewan Susomboon, Daniela Stan Raicu, Jacob Furst, Pixel-Based Texture Classification of Tissues in Computed Tomography , May 2006. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    06-007 Cosmin Stejerean, Paiboon Siwamutita, E. D. Frank, Carol S Giometti, Gyorgy Babnigg, David S. Angulo, Kevin Drew, Gregor von Laszewski, An End-to-End System for Organizing and Sharing Raw and Derived Mass Spectrometry Data , May 2006. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    06-006 Chad Williams, Runa Bhaumik, JJ Sandvig, Bamshad Mobasher, Robin Burke, Evaluation of Profile Injection Attacks In Collaborative Recommender Systems , May 2006. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    06-005 Adel El-Atawy, Survey on the Use of Formal Languages/Models for the Specification, Verification, and Enforcement of Network Access-lists , April 2006. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    06-004 Eric Puryear, David S. Angulo, Alex Schilling, Kevin Drew, Gregor von Laszewski, Comparing Mass Spectra , March 2006. [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    06-003 Eric Puryear, David S. Angulo, Kevin Drew, Gregor von Laszewski, Alex Schilling, Enhancing a Mass Spectrometry I/O Framework , March 2006 . [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    06-002 Jennifer Van Puymbrouck, David S. Angulo, Kevin Drew, Lee Ann Hollenbeck, Dominic Battre, Alex Schilling, David Jabon, Gregor von Laszewski, A Batch Import Module for an Empirically Derived Mass Spectral Database , March 2006. [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    06-001 Radha Jagadeesan, Alan Jeffrey, James Riely, Typed Parametric Polymorphism for Aspects , February 2006. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
  • 2005 Technical Reports
    05-019 Adel El-Atawy, Hazem Hamed, Ehab Al-Shaer, Adaptive Statistical Optimization Techniques for Firewall Packet Filtering , December 2005. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    05-018 Dominic Battré, Distributed Searching in Biological Databases , December 2005. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    05-017 Michael J. Pelsmajer, Marcus Schaefer, Daniel Štefankovic, Crossing Number of Graphs with Rotation Systems , November 2005. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    05-016 Amber Settle, Chad Settle, Distance Learning and Student Satisfaction in Java Programming Courses , November 2005. [abstract], [full paper: doc, pdf]
    05-015 JJ Sandvig, Robin Burke, TAACORN: A CBR Recommender for Academic Advising , November 2005. [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    05-014 Peter Hui, James Riely, Temporal Aspects as Security Automata , October 2005. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    05-013 Michael J. Pelsmajer, Marcus Schaefer, Daniel Štefankovic, Removing Even Crossings , September 2005. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    05-012 Troy Smith, Thomas M. Repede, and Steven L. Lytinen, Determining the Plausibility of Answers to Questions , September 2005. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    05-011 Grant Zemont, Towards Value Based Requirements Traceability , September 2005. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    05-010 Suleyman Uludag, King-Shan Lui, Klara Nahrstedt, Greg Brewster, Comparative Analysis of Topology Aggregation Techniques and Approaches for the Scalability of QoS Routing , May 2005. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    05-009 Marcus Schaefer, Eric Sedgwick, Daniel Štefankovic, Computing Dehn Twists and Geometric Intersection Numbers in Polynomial Time , April 2005. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    05-008 Jianer Chen, Iyad A. Kanj, Ge Xia, Simplicity is Beauty: Improved Upper Bounds for Vertex Cover , April 2005. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    05-007 Iyad A. Kanj, Luay Nakhleh, and Ge Xia, Reconstructing Evolution of Natural Languages: Complexity and Parameterized Algorithms , April 2005. updated May 2006. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    05-006 Jianer Chen, Iyad A. Kanj, Ge Xia, A Note on Search Trees , April 2005. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    05-005 Michael J. Pelsmajer, Marcus Schaefer, Daniel Štefankovic, Odd Crossing Number Is Not Crossing Number , April 2005. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    05-004 Eric Puryear, David S. Angulo, Alex Schilling, Kevin Drew, Gregor von Laszewski, Developing a Distributed and Scalable Foundation for Mass Spectrometry Data , April 2005. [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    05-003 Xuchang Zou, Raffaella Settimi, Jane Cleland-Huang, and Chuan Duan, Empirical Study of a Probabilistic Network Model for Retrieving Traceability Links , March 2005. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    05-002 Mohamed Taibah, Ehab Al-Shaerand Hazem Hamed, Dynamic Response in Distributed Firewall Systems , February 2005. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    05-001 Yonghe Yan, Fair Admission Control to Achieve Guaranteed Bandwidth Allocation , February 2005. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
  • 2004 Technical Reports
    04-012 Robert Poulsen, Peter Wiemer-Hastings, Tutoring Bilingual Students With an Automated Reading Tutor That Listens: Results of a Two-Month Pilot Study , December 2004. [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    04-011 Ehab S. Al-Shaer, Hazem H. Hamed, Design and Implementation of Firewall Policy Advisor Tools , December 2004. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    04-010 Shuang Xu, Xiaowen Fang, Jacek Brzezinski, Susy S. Chan, A Visual-Auditory Presentation Model for Sequential Textual Information , November 2004. [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    04-009 Jean Lam, Susy S. Chan, Xiaowen Fang, Jacek Brzezinski, Proposed Research Model for Customization and Satisfaction with Mobile Commerce , November 2004. [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    04-008 Chibiao Liu, James Yu, Applications and Performance Analysis of Bridging with L3 Forwarding on Wireless LANs , November 2004. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    04-007 Yongning Tang, Ehab Al-Shaer, Active Fault Reasoning in Communication Networks , November 2004. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    04-006 Iyad A. Kanj, Ljubomir Perkovic, A Note on Baker's Algorithm , November 2004. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    04-005 Will Marrero, Using BDDs to decide CTL , October 2004. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    04-004 Steven Lauterburg, On Building a Unification-Based Parser , August 2004. [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    04-003 Salah Aly, Khaled Mustafa, Protocol Verification And Analysis
    Using Colored Petri Nets
    , August 2004. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    04-002 Salah Aly, A Light-Weight Encrypting For Real Time Video Transmission , August 2004. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    04-001 Peter Hui, Marcus Schaefer, Paired Pointset Traversal , March 2004. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
  • 2003 Technical Reports
    03-004 Jeffrey Absher, wFIFO - a Filesystem-Based Solution to Unrestricted Log Growth in MINIX , October 2003. [abstract], [full paper: doc, pdf, html]
    03-003 Jeffrey Absher, An Empirical Examination of Current High-Availability Clustering Solutions’ Performance , October 2003. [abstract], [full paper: html, doc]
    03-002 Jianer Chen, Iyad A. Kanj, and Ge Xia, A note on sub-exponential time parameterized complexity , April 2003. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    03-001 Ruth F. Ter Bush, Contextual Influence on Attribution Accuracy , January 2003. [abstract], [full paper: html]
  • 2002 Technical Reports
    02-005 Eric J. Schwabe, Ian M. Sutherland, Efficient Data Mappings for Parity-Declustered Data Layouts , July 2002. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    02-004 Marcus Schaefer, Frank Stephan, Strong Reductions and Immunity for Exponential Time , March 2002. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    02-003 André Berthiaume, Ljubomir Perkovic, Amber Settle, Janos Simon, Firing Synchronization on the Ring , January 2002. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    02-002 Eunseuk Oh, Iyad A. Kanj, Efficient All-to-All Broadcast Schemes in Distributed-memory Parallel Computer , January 2002. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    02-001 Jianer Chen, Iyad A. Kanj, Guojun Wang, Hypercube Network Fault Tolerance: A Probabilistic Approach , January 2002. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
  • 2001 Technical Reports
    01-011 Marcus Schaefer, Eric Sedgwick, Daniel Štefankovic, Recognizing String Graphs in NP , October 2001. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    01-010 Bamshad Mobasher, Honghua Dai, Tao Luo, Miki Nakagawa, Effective Personalization Based on Association Rule Discovery from Web Usage Data , July 2001. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    01-009 Marcus Schaefer, Completeness in the Polyonmial Time Hierarchy , July 2001. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    01-008 Vladimir A. Kulyukin, Abraham Bookstein, Integrated Object Recognition with Extended Hamming Distance , June 2001. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    01-007 John Kristoff, Avoiding Network Capacity Collapse , May 2001. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, pdf]
    01-006 Bettina Berendt, Bamshad Mobasher, Myra Spiliopoulou, Jim Wiltshire, Measuring the Accuracy of Sessionizers for Web Usage Analysis , March 2001. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    01-005 Bamshad Mobasher, Honghua Dai, Tao Luo, Miki Nakagawa, Improving the Effectiveness of Collaborative Filtering on Anonymous Web Usage Data , March 2001. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    01-004 Bamshad Mobasher, WebPersonalizer: A Server-Side Recommender System Based on Web Usage Mining , March 2001. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    01-003 Bamshad Mobasher, Hoghua Dai, Tao Luo, Yuqing Sun, and Jiang Zhu, Integrating Web Usage and Content Mining for More Effective Personalization , March 2001. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    01-002 Bamshad Mobasher, Honghua Dai, Tao Luo, Miki Nakagawa, Yuqing Sun, Jim Wiltshire, Discovery of Aggregate Usage Profiles for Web Personalization , March 2001. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]

    John Collins, Corey Bilot, Maria Gini, Bamshad Mobasher, Mixed-Initiative Decision Support in Agent-Based Automated Contracting , March 2001. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]

  • 2000 Technical Reports
    00-006 Marcus Schaefer, Deciding the VC-dimension is Sigma 3 - complete , October 2000. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    00-005 Marcus Schaefer, Daniel Štefankovic, Decidability of String Graphs , September 2000. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    00-004 Craig S. Miller, Roger W. Remington, Exploring Information Navigation Strategies with a Computational Model , September 2000. [abstract], [full paper: pdf, html]
    00-003 Marcus Schaefer, Pradyut Shah, Induced Graph Ramsey Theory , June 2000. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    00-002 Karen Alkoby, A Survey of ASL Tenses , April 2000. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    00-001 Marcus Schaefer, Deciding the K-dimension is PSPACE-complete , March 2000. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
  • 1999 Technical Reports
    99-012 Craig S. Miller, Roger W. Remington, A Computational Model of Web Navigation , November 1999. [abstract], [full paper: pdf]
    99-011 Vladimir Kulyukin, Amber Settle, On the Equivalence of Semantic Networks and Vector Spaces under Ranked Retrieval , November 1999. [abstract], [full paper: html]
    99-010 Bamshad Mobasher, Robert Cooley and Jaideep Srivastava, Automatic Personalization Based on Web Usage Mining , 1999. [abstract], [full paper: postscript, html]
    99-009 Alan Jeffrey, A Distributed Object Calculus , July 1999. [abstract]
    99-008 Bamshad Mobasher, D. Pigozzi, G. Slutzki and G. Voutsadakis, A Duality Theory for Bilattices , 1999. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    99-007 Alan Jeffreyand Ralf Schweimeier, A categorical and graphical treatment of closure conversion , April 1999. [abstract], [full paper: html]
    99-006 Noriko Tomuro, Left-corner Parsing Algorithm for Unification Grammars , April 1999. [abstract], [full paper: postscript.gz,]
    99-005 Bamshad Mobasher, John Collins, Maksim Tsvetovat, Corey Bilot, Rashmi Sundareswara, Tim Lee, Maria Gini, A Framework For Mixed Initiative Agent­Based Contracting , 1999. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    99-004 Bamshad Mobasher, John Collins, Corey Bilot, Rashmi Sundareswara, Joshua van Tonder, Maria Gini, Plan Execution by Contracting in a Multi­Agent Environment , 1999. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    99-003 Bamshad Mobasher, John Collins, Maksim Tsvetovat, Rashmi Sundareswara, Joshua van Tonder, Maria Gini, Evaluating Risk: Flexibility and Feasibility in Multi­Agent Contracting , 1999. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    99-002 Vladimir A. Kulyukin, Application-Embedded Retrieval from Distributed Free-Text Collections , February 1999. [abstract]
    99-001 John D. Rogers, A note on the Isomorphism Conjecture and one-way functions , February 1999. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
  • 1998 Technical Reports
    98-005 Cesar Gonzales, George Knafl, An Evaluation of Software Cost Models , November 1998. [abstract], [full paper: doc]
    98-004 Alan Jeffrey, Premonoidal categories and a graphical view of programs , September 1998. [abstract], [full paper: html]
    98-003 Andrew Sears, Julie Jacko, The Impact of Internet Delay and Document Content on User Perceptions , June 1998. [abstract]
    98-002 Steven L. Lytinen, Noriko Tomuro, Nonminimal Derivations in Unification-based Parsing , May 1998. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    98-001 Robert O. Briggs, Janna M. Crews, Daniel D. Mittleman, Facilitating Asynchronous Distributed GSS Meetings: Eight Steps to Success , March 1998.
  • 1997 Technical Reports
    97-007 Robert O. Briggs, Daniel D. Mittleman, Neil Weinstein, Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr., Mark E. Adkins, Collaborative Technology for the Sea-Based Warfighter: A Field Study of GSS Adoption and Diffusion , October 1997. [abstract]
    97-006 Noriko Tomuro, Steven L. Lytinen, Efficient Lazy Unification , October 1997. [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    97-005 Karen L. Bernstein, A Congruence Theorem for Structured Operational Semantics of Higher-Order Languages , July 1997. [abstract]
    97-004 Andrew L. Sears, Julie A. Jacko, Michael S. Borella, Perceived Usability of Internet Sites Based Upon Network Delay, Document Type and User Characteristics . [abstract]
    97-003 Lance Fortnow, John D. Rogers, Complexity Limitations on Quantum Computation . [abstract], [full paper: postscript]
    97-002 Andrew L. Sears, Michael S. Borella, WANDS: Tools for designing and testing distributed documents . [abstract]
    97-001 Andrew L. Sears, Julie A. Jacko, Michael S. Borella, Internet Delay Effects: How Users Perceive Quality, Organization, and Ease of Use of Information . [abstract]