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iOS Developer 

iOS Developer Program Details


A 10-week program covering iOS development for Apple® devices, including iPhone® and iPad®, for IT professionals and software developers. The program is designed for IT professionals and software developers who want to understand the fundamental principles of iOS mobile development and be able to apply them to their business. These principles underpin the processes, strategies, and skills necessary to solve business problems through rapid prototyping and business logic implementation within a mobile application. The program is also suitable for developers wanting to make the transition from Objective-C® to Swift™. Participants will learn about and understand Apple’s human interface guidelines and native application development in use today. The program also provides a broad overview of Apple’s foundational frameworks that are supported within the iOS operating system. In addition, the program will include techniques that are used in the industry relating to data storage, RESTful session communication with back-end servers, iCloud® interaction, Keychain® secure data storage, multimedia, gesture handling, GPS location interaction, application debugging, and techniques for fine-tuning applications for efficient performance. The program will prepare students with the necessary skills to create efficient applications for Apple devices that run on the iOS operating system.

Program content consists of lectures and demonstrations complemented with hands-on labs. Students will use a variety of tools and techniques such as Xcode, Interface Builder, and Instruments to learn best practices and real-world scenarios. Reading assignments, case studies, group discussions, and projects will be assigned. Students must bring their own laptop computers running the latest Mac OS X operating system to class. A laptop running Windows will not be acceptable as Xcode will only run on an Apple computer. Students who wish to make their application available in Apple’s App Store® should expect to pay Apple’s $99.00 fee, but it is not a requirement of the program.

For a complete program description, download the program's brochure.

Dates & Location

Winter Quarter 2018:

  • Application Deadline:Dec. 15, 2017     Still taking applications
  • Tuition Deadline:Jan. 2, 2018
  • Classes Begin:Jan. 9, 2018
  • Classes End:Mar. 13, 2018

On-campus section: Classes meet on Tuesday evenings (5:45pm-9pm) and in the morning (9am-12:15pm) on half the Saturdays during the program at DePaul's Loop Campus at 243 S. Wabash Avenue, Chicago.

Online section: Students may elect to register for an online section of the course. For more information about the online section, click here.

DePaul University reserves the right to cancel any program prior to that program's first class meeting.


Winter Quarter 2018


  • $2,825.00

Regular DePaul University students are charged the above rates based on their degree program.

Full payment of tuition must be received by the Institute for Professional Development office before the start of the program. The tuition fee for this program is not included in the university's tuition package for full-time undergraduate students. The university's refund policy allows a return of 100% of tuition if the student drops the iOS Developer Program by January 23, 2018.

Application Fee

  • $40.00non-refundable

Each program requires a $40.00 (non-refundable) application fee that can be paid online (via credit card) during the online application process. If you need to pay this fee by check or money order, please make the check or money order payable to DePaul University and send it to:

DePaul University Institute for Professional Development
243 S. Wabash Avenue
Room 301
Chicago, IL 60604


Textbooks are a separate purchase to be made by students.

Reading materials for certificate programs consist of textbooks and supplementary handouts. Textbook readings are considered preparatory in nature and are typically assigned prior to lectures; supplementary handouts are frequently distributed in class to provide additional information.

Textbook(s) to be announced.

Payment Options

Fees are payable check made out to DePaul University, or by credit card. For credit card payment, print out and complete the Payment by Credit Card Form.

Applicants who are eligible for a tuition reimbursement program offered by their employer and are interested in deferring their tuition payment using the university's Employer Tuition Deferral Plan must return the Employer Tuition Deferral Plan application to the Institute for Professional Development Office. Submitting this application to any other DePaul office may delay the student's registration process. Information about this plan, along with an application form, is found here .

Applicants who wish to use the university's In-Term Payment Plan or a third-party billing arrangement should contact the Institute for Professional Development office at (312) 362-6282 for details.


Admission Requirements

Experience with Mac OS X is assumed. A minimum of six months of professional programming experience with at least one object-oriented language, among Objective-C, Swift, C++, or Java, is required. In addition, students must bring their own laptop computers running the latest Mac OS X operating system to class. A laptop running Windows will not be acceptable as Xcode will only run on an Apple computer.

Course Credit

The iOS Developer Program is catalogued as a non-credit course of DePaul University. A certificate of completion from DePaul University is awarded to those who successfully complete the program's requirements. Program requirements include reading, homework assignments, and a projects. No midterm or final exams are conducted.

  • Course #: IPD 231

The iOS Developer Program is a graded course. A final grade letter as well as DePaul transcript (upon request) will be available upon program completion.

Application & Registration Procedure

All interested parties should apply for admission using the Institute for Professional Development's online application; or, to apply via fax, mail, or in person, print out and complete the Application Form. Upon admission, the Institute office will contact the prospective student with registration information and instructions.

Registration is restricted to admitted students. IPD staff will register students upon receipt of payment and registration form. Regular DePaul students cannot register themselves via the university's registration system.