Online Learning Policies

Online Learning Policies

Add/Drop Dates
A student registering for a CDM online learning class is given an additional week to add a class (past the date to add an on-campus class) and an additional week to drop a CDM online learning class without penalty. Official DePaul Calendar.

Attending Class
Online students should logon to COLWeb the first week of classes to verify course enrollment and to review the course syllabus. A student registered for an online section is not permitted to attend the on-campus section. The rationale for this policy is that immunization records are not verified for students in online sections, and class attendance needs to be verified in case of an emergency.

Email is the primary form of communication between students, professors, and Online Learning Staff. Online students are expected to keep their preferred email address up-to-date in Campus Connection.

Availability of Course Recordings/Course Materials After the Course Completion
Course recordings and course materials are available for one week after the quarter is over. Students are provided an option to view their lectures using the COL Player which is protected using Windows Digital Rights Management.

Lecture Podcasts
Podcast are a series of audio files of the course lecture that can be downloaded to review class sessions. Podcasting is an optional feature that can be enabled by the instructor. There is no guarantee that every instructor will choose to enable this feature.

To maintain the academic integrity of its online courses, DePaul CDM requires that students registered in online sections complete proctored exams. Students registered in an on-campus section are not allowed to register for a proctored exam, and must take the exam with the on-campus section. 

  • A student must bring a picture ID to the exam.
  • An exam scheduling system is available in ColWeb for scheduling exams. Most instructors allow a 3-7 day window in which to take the exam.
  • Students that reside within a 30 mile radius of DePaul campuses take the exams at DePaul University (Loop or Branch campus). Exam schedule available here. Students select the location when they schedule their exam in ColWeb.
  • Students that reside outside a 30 mile radius are considered “remote” and arrange their own proctor according to proctor selection guidelines (below). Students are responsible for proctor fees.
  • Students must schedule and exam 24 hours before examination date.
  • Students must register via COLWeb every term for every exam, even if they use the same proctor.
  • Once a student registers for an exam, the ability to cancel and reschedule is limited.
  • Any cancellation requires notification to the Online Learning Staff ( If the exam window has ended, or the exam was canceled on the same day it was scheduled to be taken, the student must contact the instructor for permission to reschedule, and then forward the approval to OLStaff.
  • If a student fails to appear for an exam the schedule time, the instructor will be notified via email. The student must contact the instructor to reschedule, and then forward the approval to OLStaff.
  • The time period for the exam begins at the scheduled time.  The student will not be given additional time for the exam. If the student is more than an hour late, the exam must be rescheduled.
  • A student registered for an online learning section, has the option to take exams with the on-campus section of the course. The student chooses this option when scheduling the exam in ColWeb.

Finding Proctors
Proctors must be completely impartial and able to uphold DePaul University’s Academic Integrity Policy. There is a proctor database available to help locate a proctor.  

  • Exams may not take place at a private residence.
  • Exams are emailed as a Microsoft Word or Adobe attachment to the proctor.
  • The proctor must also fax a copy of the exam to the toll-free fax number at 1-866-715-0863 within a short time after completion.  
  • Proctors are required to mail the exam to OLStaff.  Students should bring a standard business envelope with $2.00 postage to the exam.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to notify the proctor when an exam is scheduled. If the proctor is unavailable to administer an exam on the assigned date, the student must find and alternate proctor that is verified. Verification takes approximately 1-2 business days.
  • All proctor changes must be approved 48 hours before the exam is scheduled to be administered.
Acceptable Proctors
  • A librarian at an academic or public library
  • Testing centers at 2 or 4 year colleges and universities
  • Faculty member at a local university or community college.
  • Commercial learning/tutoring centers (i.e. Sylvan Learning Center). Students are responsible for proctor fees.
  • A military learning center or officer of higher rank, if in the military
Unacceptable Proctors
  • Relatives
  • Friends
  • Neighbors
  • Co-workers or supervisors
  • Staff members or clergy at a place of worship