BS in IT Online Degree Completion for Transfer Students

BS in IT Online Degree Completion for Transfer Students

Launching in Summer 2013, CDM will now permit new transfer students to complete the BS in Information Technology degree online.

In order to participate in the program, a transfer student must be admitted to DePaul and meet the following requirements:

  • ​have a minimum of 45 quarter/30 semester hours of transfer credit
  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • be in good standing at the last school they attended

The sample schedule below outlines one way of fulfilling the degree requirements. Please note that not all liberal studies courses are available online. This includes English Composition I, the lab science requirement and the pre-calculus pre-requisite (MAT 130) for the Data Analysis (IT 223) class. Students who need these courses will need to take them on campus at DePaul or transfer them in.


CDM Academic Success Center advisors will help you design a degree completion plan that works for you. Time to completion will vary based on amount of coursework transferred to DePaul. If you have general questions about the online degree completion program, please contact Terry Steinbach.​

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology – online format
Sample Three Year Degree Plan For Students With 33 Semester (49 quarter) Hours of Transfer Credit

This degree plan is based upon the student completing a set of courses similar to the following as Year 1:
• English Composition I&II,
• Public Speaking,
• Intro to Psychology
• Intro to Sociology,
• Intro to Quantitative Reasoning,
• Philosophy and Its Issues (PHL 100)
• Intro /Survey of Computing,
• 1-3 Computer Science electives at the 100/200 level.

DePaul (Year 2) - Fall Year 2 - Winter Year 2 - Spring

IT 130 Introductory Computing for the Web
IT 240 Introduction to Databases
LSP Learning Domain
LSP Learning Domain

IT 211 Introduction to Applied Programming
IT 263 Applied Networks and Security
IS 215 Systems Analysis and Design LSP 200 Seminar On Multiculturalism In U.S.

IT 212 Applied OO Programming
ISM 210 Introduction to HCI
LSP Learning Domain
LSP Learning Domain

DePaul (Year 3) - Fall Year 3 - Winter Year 3 - Spring

IT 231 Web Development I
MAT 130 Pre-Calculus
ORGC 201 Business and Professional Communication
Open Elective

IT 232 Web Development II
IT 313 Advanced Application Development
IT 223 Data Analysis (Stats)
Major Elective

IT 278 Community-Based Technology Projects
CNS 340 Fundamentals of Information Assurance
Major Elective
Open Elective

DePaul (Year 4) - Fall Year 4 - Winter Year 4 - Spring

IT 373 System Concepts
IT 320 Content Management Systems
Major Elective
Open Elective

IT 394 Software Projects for Community Clients I (JYEL credit)
IS 372 Project Management  
Major Elective
Open Elective

IT 395 Software Projects for Community Clients II (Capstone)
IT 330 User Interface Development for Interactive Systems
Major Elective
Open Elective