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David Wolinsky

Lecturer //
College of Computing and Digital Media
David Wolinsky



Bio and Research Information
David Wolinsky is an internationally published writer-editor and critic and instructor both here at DePaul and also at Second City. His background is in entertainment journalism, having served as the Chicago city editor for The Onion A.V. Club for half a decade after graduating from Middle Tennessee State University and going on to serve as an editorial consultant for Adult Swim. Currently, he works as the editor/managing blogger of NBC Chicago’s small business blog, Inc. Well, and as support staff for E3’s video and written content to better inform convention-goers about what’s going on at the massive video-game industry show. He freelance writes for places as far-flung as IFC, SuicideGirls, Maxim, and Wired and also is working on a variety of comedic web series and scripts. His emphasis in education is on the more career-minded, practical aspects of learning — above all else, he wants to teach people how to have a career and not just be career students. He is the 1995 Blockbuster store champion at Donkey Kong Country.

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Music Business
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