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.NET is Microsoft’s most ambitious and its most complex, comprehensive and inclusive technology initiative. It recognizes that the Internet and its standards will play a dominant role in the software development of the future. It also reflects the fact that object-oriented programming has become the norm. Instead of relying solely on Visual Basic®, the Visual Studio development environment gives the user the choice of using C#, Visual Basic or any of the many languages supported by .NET, including COBOL, Perl, Python® and even Java™. There is no question that .NET is a formidable response to the challenge of Java and Sun™’s J2EE™ initiative.

The goal of the.NET Web Developer Program is to give the programmer an excellent understanding of the entire sweep of the .NET initiative, the tools and knowledge to develop a wide range of .NET applications with special emphasis on Web applications, and also knowledge of likely future directions. The principal language that will be used in the program is C#.

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