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The BA in Digital Cinema is an innovative motion picture production program dedicated to utilizing the latest digital technology while incorporating classic cinema narrative theory and aesthetics. Students receive hands-on experience with the latest production equipment in the first year and get an insider's view of the industry from experienced faculty. Students in this program will gain practical production experience through classes, internships and Project Bluelight, the school's professional motion picture production company, working alongside faculty and working professionals on a short or feature film. We offer our students an opportunity to defray the cost of making their own films through the Undergraduate Production Fund.


In 2013, The Hollywood Reporter ranked DePaul's School of Cinema and Interactive Media one of the top 25 best film schools in the country.

In 2014, MovieMaker Magazine ranked Chicago as the #1 "Big City" to work in as a filmmaker.


Project Bluelight

Go behind the scences of CDM's production company, Project Bluelight.


Student screenwriters in this concentration learn the craft and business of writing screenplays for film, tv and the web. Beginning courses introduce students to the skills, theory and history of cinema that is vital for screenwriters to know. Advanced courses cultivate the writer’s voice through cinematic forms like feature films, short films, sitcoms, or episodic dramas.

Sound Concentration

Student sound designers learn production and post-production sound for film, TV and the web. Beginning courses introduce students to the skills and theory of cinema that are vital for sound designers to know. Advanced courses teach more specialized skills like recording, scoring, mixing or editing sound.

TV Production Concentration

Student television producers learn studio and field production for television and the web. Beginning courses introduce the skills and theory common to television and cinema, like cinematography, editing, sound and visual effects. Advanced courses focus on the writing, producing and business of television.

Cinema Production Concentration

Student directors, producers, cinematographers, production designers, or editors are introduced to the whole filmmaking process in this concentration. Beginning courses teach the production, theory, or history of movies. Advanced courses allow students to specialize in their chosen cinematic art, craft or field.

documentary concentration

Student documentary filmmakers gain a foundation in the production and post-production skills applicable to directing and editing various types of documentary films. Advanced project-based courses include community outreach and engagement, grantwriting, and developing a fundraising and distribution plan.

Visiting Artists Series


LA Quarter

LA Quarter Want to uncover the secret to breaking into the film and television industry? Find out by participating in DePaul’s LA Quarter. This ten-week immersion program enables you to live in Los Angeles, take classes on a historic studio lot, and intern at high-profile companies that align with your professional goals.

Faculty Perspectives

Cinema faculty

All of the faculty teaching in the Cinema program are working writers, directors, and producers with credits that include: ​Curb Your Enthusiasm, Saturday Night Live, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Wild Things, The Promotion, Buffalo '66, Spun, King of Queens, ​and the American Pie franchise--among their many other produced film and television projects and screenplay/pilot sales. Our production facutly continue to screen new films in prominent festivals throughout the world each year.

Production Resources

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Amanda Pflieger
BA in Digital Cinema

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