Cynthia Putnam

Associate Professor // Human Computer Interaction, Graphics / Animation
School of Computing
Cynthia Putnam

Bio and Research Information

Cynthia Putnam is an associate professor at the College of Computing and Digital Media at DePaul University. She is interested in human-centered approaches to design. Her framework for this field is informed by over ten years of working in industry as a visual and interaction designer, illustrator and animator prior to earning her PhD. Cynthia received her PhD in Human Centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington.

Research Area

Human Computer Interaction, Graphics / Animation

Specific Research Area

Human-centered methods to support design for diverse users:
(1) Gameful approaches to rehabilitation:
  • Creation of a Web-centric knowledgebase of commercial game use in brain injury (BI) therapy. Knowledgebase used as the foundation for:
    1. Information and decision tools that help therapists learn about and choose commercial games for their patients who have had a BI
    2. Therapy-centered game design patterns and tools that support game designers who want to create games aimed at BI recovery
(2)User Experience (UX) Professionals and Pedagogy
  • Bridging the design/research gap by exploring UX methods that (a) investigate and (b) communicate about end-users
  • How accessibility is taught, practiced and considered

Professional Associations

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), Interaction Design Association, The Usability Professionals Association

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