All Majors & Degrees

At CDM, you get the right mix of theory and practice and the education you need to apply critical and creative thinking in new and unpredictable situations.

Academic OfferingsUndergradMinorGraduateCertificate
Analytics Certificate in Analytics
Animation BA in Animation   BFA in Animation Minor in Animation MA in Animation   MFA in Animation
Animation Technical Director Minor in Animation Technical Director
Artificial Intelligence MS in Artificial Intelligence
Business Information Technology MS in Business Information Technology
Cinematography Minor in Cinematography 
Comedy Filmmaking Minor in Comedy Filmmaking
Computer & Information Sciences PhD in Computer & Information Sciences
Computer Science BS in Computer Science Minor in Computer Science MS in Computer Science
Computer Science + Animation BS in Computer Science and Animation
Computer Science + Economics BS in Computer Science and Economics
Computer Science + Geography BS in Computer Science and Geography
Computer Science Technology JD/MS in Computer Science Technology
Computing BA in Computing
Creative Producing MFA in Creative Producing
Cyber Physical Systems Engineering BS in Cyber Physical Systems Engineering
Cybersecurity BS in Cybersecurity MS in Cybersecurity
Data Science BS in Data-Science Minor in Data Science MS in Data Science
Designing for Physical Technology Minor in Designing for Physical Technology
Digital Communication and Media Arts MA in Digital Communication and Media Arts
Documentary Production Minor in Documentary Production MFA in Documentary Production
Experimental Filmmaking Minor in Experimental Filmmaking 
Film and Television BA in Film and Television   BFA in Film and Television MS in Film and Television   MFA in Film and Television
Film Production Minor in Film Production
Game Design BS in Game Design Minor in Game Design MFA in Game Design
Game Programming BS in Game Programming MS in Game Programming
Game Technical Director Minor in Game Technical
Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Certificate in Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance
Graphic Design BFA in Graphic Design Minor in Graphic Design
Health Informatics MS in Health Informatics
Human Centered Design PhD in Human Centered Design
Human-Computer Interaction MS in Human-Computer Interaction
Illustration Minor in Illustration
Industrial Design BFA in Industrial Design Minor in Industrial Design
Information Systems BS in Information Systems Minor in Information Systems MS in Information Systems
Information Technology BS in Information Technology Minor in Information Technology
Math and Computer Science BS in Math and Computer Science
Motion Graphics Minor in Motion Graphics
Network Engineering and Security BS in Network Engineering and Security MS in Network Engineering and Security
Network Technologies Minor in Network Technologies
Project Management Certificate in Project Management
Screenwriting Minor in Screenwriting MFA in Screenwriting
Software Engineering Minor in Software Engineering MS in Software Engineering
Sound Design Minor in Sound Design
Television Production Minor in Television Production
User Experience Design BS in User Experience Design Minor in Interactive and Social Media
Visual Effects Minor in Visual Effects