Bachelor Of Science

Game Design

DePaul CDM Game Design Student Reel 


The BS in Game Design prepares students to become leaders in the diversifying field of games. Throughout the program, students collaborate on interdisciplinary teams with programmers, artists, writers, and audio designers. The curriculum focuses on the entire development cycle from ideation to documentation, prototyping, implementation, iteration, and testing towards creating polished experiences. Students learn to evaluate and critique each other's work, communicate, problem-solve and design for clients. Throughout the process students will build a portfolio showcasing the diversity of their skill-sets ranging from indie games, to art games, and games for change on established and experimental platforms.

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Game Capstone

There are two annual June events for students to showcase the games they've developed as their thesis projects over the previous five months. The first showcase is for the general public including family, friends, and peers. The second, private showcase is for industry professionals to come meet students play their games, and recruit our top talent.

Deep Games Lab


Deep Games Lab is a cross-disciplinary design, research, development, and assessment game lab hosted by the College of Computing and Digital Media. We make and evaluate games, interactive documentaries and transmedia projects that aim to promote personal and social change. Our work builds bridges between students and faculty, academia and industry, producers and users, an different departments within DePaul.

Design Impact Projects

These projects enable students to imagine, develop, and deploy cutting-edge visual and interactive designs that positively impact individuals and communities using emerging social practices, technologies, and entrepreneurial thinking. Every spring quarter students are invited to pitch their plan to develop and publish a game to be completed over the summer. Winner receive advising support, workspace, and stipends ranging from $500-$5000.


DePaul's Fundamental Research in Academic Gaming, or DeFRAG, focuses on computer and console games and game development. This club is for game enthusiasts at any point in their education. DeFrag hosts a wide variety of events each quarter in order to educate about game development, inspire competition in gaming, or just to have a good time with other students.

Japan and Scotland Study Abroad

The Game and Animation Industry Tours and Game Jam is a two week program that takes students on tours of Japanese game and animation studios as well as to prominent cultural sites, events, galleries, and museums. Meeting professionals in the game and animation industries teaches students about Japanese creative practices, workplace dynamics, and company structures. Students participate in a two day game jam collaborating on cross-disciplinary teams with Japanese college students also pursuing careers in game development and animation. The Rapid Prototyping Summer School is held at Abertay University in Scotland. Abertay is one of Europe's top ranked universities for game design and is home to industry leaders 4J Studios, Outplay, Denki Games, Reagent Games, Ninja Kiwi, and YoYo Games. This five week program combines lectures, workshops, and industry visits, ending with an academic game conference and the Dare to Be Digital game festival.

School of Design Talks

The School of Design Talks invites leading designers who have created innovative responses to the personal, local, and global challenges of the 21st century. The series prepares students to imagine, develop, and deploy cutting-edge visual and interactive designs that positively impact individuals and communities using emerging social practices and technologies. It serves as a platform for networking and idea exchange between students, faculty and industry professionals, facilitating the incubation of new ideas and collaborations. Talks are open and free to the public.

Inflatable Reality


Inflatable Reality is a research lab and art group that blends performance with experimental technologies to create comedic and compelling game experiences. They build games on platforms such as VR, AR, and Apple Watch as readily as with hammers, duct tape, and coffee cups. Breaking conventional boundaries between art, science, and entertainment, their award-winning work advances the medium of games through talks and exhibitions in art galleries, conferences, and festivals. Dumpy: Going Elephants was developed as part of Inflatable Reality.