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Career Center

All students are encouraged to utilize the services provided by DePaul’s Career Center, including career advising, resume assistance, and practice interviews.

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CDM Internships

CDM encourages experiential learning for both undergraduate and graduate students through internship courses that may be taken for credit. Learn more about CDM internship courses and policies.

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Career Communities

The Career Center offers industry-specific advising for 6 different career communities, including Technology & Design and Media, Communication, Arts & Entertainment. Students cultivate professional skills with guidance from career advisors, industry experts, alumni, faculty and employers in their field of interest.

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Alumni Sharing Knowledge

DePaul's Alumni Sharing Knowledge (ASK) network connects you with alumni to answer your career questions, practice interviewing, and help build your professional network.

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Log into Handshake for a variety of career resources, including jobs and internship postings, events and job fair listings, appointments with a career advisor, and more.

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Success Stories

While your career path is unique, learning from others who have been in your shoes can help you gain inspiration and direction. Explore the DePaul Success Stories website to hear from fellow Blue Demons about how they navigated their road to success.

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CDM Internship Policies and Courses



CDM encourages experiential learning by providing internship courses that may be taken for credit. Internship courses are available for undergraduate and graduate students.    

Undergraduate Students

For undergraduate students, an internship course is one way to satisfy the Experiential Learning requirement in the Liberal Studies Program (LSP) Common Core.    

CLD 250: Navigating the Workplace is an internship course offered through the Career and Life Design course suite that satisfies the Experiential Learning requirement and is open to all undergraduate students.    

The course FILM 298 Internship in Media Production is the only internship course offered by CDM that satisfies the experiential learning requirement. It is generally most appropriate for students majoring in Film and Television or whose internship opportunity relates to that area. FILM 298 is offered every term for 4 credit hours.     

An undergraduate student may earn additional credits through internships. FILM 299 Internships in Media and Design may be taken for up to 8 credit hours. However, FILM 299 does NOT satisfy the Experiential Learning requirement.    

In summary, an undergraduate CDM student may earn as many as 12 credit hours through internships.    

  • 4 credit hours that satisfy the Experiential Learning requirement with either
    • Film 298 (for internship opportunities related to film and television)
    • or CLD 250 (available for all undergraduate students)
  • A maximum of 8 credit hours with Film 299 (for internship opportunities related to media and design). FILM 299 satisfies open elective credit only unless approved to substitute for a course requirement in the major by the student’s faculty advisor.

Graduate Students

Graduate students in the School of Computing may enroll in CSC 697 for a maximum of 4 credit hours and students in the School of Cinematic Arts or School of Design may enroll in Film 499, which is regularly offered for 4 credit hours. Other credit options may be available for FILM 499; email CDM Internship Admins for assistance.    

How to Apply for a CDM Internship Course

How to Apply for a CDM Internship Course

  • Secure an internship.
  • International Students must obtain the appropriate practical training form and meet with an advisor in the CDM Academic Success Center for approval.
  • Login to MyCDM and click the “MyInternships” link to submit an application.
  • Once the Internship application form is submitted, a workflow is initiated as follows: Employer Verification → Academic Success Center Verification (International Students Only) → Faculty Approval → Academic Success Center processes registration
  • You will receive email notifications at each major step of the workflow process.
Jobs Approved For Internship Credit

Jobs Approved For Internship Credit

Do you already have a job related to your program of study that you'd like to apply towards internship credit? Since many students are already working, they can apply to have their job approved for internship credit. The benefit of this approach is that you already have the job and don't have to spend the time looking for another one.    

In order to receive internship credit, students must work during the quarter in which they earn the credit (retroactive credit is not allowed.) Internship experiences should be highly reflective and meaningful. In the internship class, students write about their work and reflect on the culture of the workplace, and about how this workplace fulfills their career aims.    

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