CDM Student Frequently Asked Questions


I have a tech question or issue. Who do I contact?

To report a problem or request support for a technical issue, or for a list of tech guides, recommendations, and other useful information, visit CDM’s ServiceNow page

Do you offer laptop loans for students?

To help students who need a computer effectively participate in academic activities, CDM offers a Laptop Loaner Program. The program is intended for students who have no access to computer technology and have limited financial resources. Computers available for loan include 15-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro laptops, Windows laptops, and WacomOne tablets.  

Do you recommend any particular hardware or software for my major?

Incoming students can refer to this computer recommendations pdf for information. Current students can also log in to CDM’s ServiceNow page for hardware/software recommendations. 

Facilities and Production Resources

What are the current Loop Campus building hours?

Visit DePaul’s Building Hours page to see the operating hours for physical campus buildings and offices. Please note that specific labs, rooms, and spaces may have different hours. 

Loop building hours for the Fall 2023 Quarter are below. Please note that specific labs, rooms, and spaces may have different hours.

What are the hours of operation for DePaul Cinespace Studios, and when does the shuttle run?
  • For facility hours, visit the DePaul Cinespace Studios page.
  • Students can take a shuttle to DCS from both the Lincoln Park and Loop Campuses. Click the “Getting Here” tab of the DePaul Cinespace Studios page for the current shuttle schedule.
How do I check out gear from the equipment centers at the Loop Campus and DePaul Cinespace Studios?

Visit our Equipment Centers page for information and hours for checking out gear from both “the Cage” in the Loop and the Camera Vault at DePaul Cinespace studios. For the most up-to-date list of available gear, please refer to the Patron Portal

Where can I find information about computer labs and workstations for CDM students?

CDM has more than 900 workstations in over 40 computer labs, classrooms, studios, and post-production facilities. Check the CDM Labs page for a full list.  

Where can I print my design work?

CDM's new Print Lab will print most DePaul-related student design work for free on HP m712 and Epson P5000, Pro7900, P9000, and XP1500 printers. Get more information or request a print on The Print Lab page.  

What is the Idea Realization Lab?

DePaul has two makerspaces. The Idea Realization Lab (IRL) is located on the Loop Campus in Daley 310. The IRL2 is located on the Lincoln Park Campus in SAC 236. Both locations are open to the DePaul community and provide a wide range of tools, equipment, and materials—from traditional workshop tools to laser cutters, 3D printers, sewing machines, and more—at no cost to students. The Loop Campus location also houses two stop-motion animation studios. 

Classes and Academics

How do I meet with a CDM advisor?

Staff advisors are available year-round both virtually and in-person, by appointment. Faculty advising appointments are available during fall, winter and spring quarters. Students can visit the Academic Success Center page for more information about advising in CDM. Appointments with any advisor may be scheduled in OneDePaul. 

I have a question about my schedule or degree requirements.

Please visit the Advising page and click the “FAQ” tab for answers to these and other questions about classes and credits. 

How do I schedule an appointment with a tutor?

CDM offers in-person and remote tutoring. Visit the Tutoring page to schedule an appointment. For online appointments, please make sure you have everything you need to make the technology work. This includes a working webcam, microphone, speakers or headset, and an up-to-date web browser. 

Do you offer Study Abroad programs?

Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to study abroad. CDM’s Study Abroad page highlights a few of the opportunities of particular interest to CDM students, but please check the Study Abroad website for the most up-to-date program listings and application deadlines.  

How often does LA Quarter run?

LA Quarter is offered throughout the academic year. Please check the LA Quarter page for the most current information and application deadlines. Contact with any questions.  

I am interested in working in a CDM research lab. How do I learn more?

CDM is host to a number of specialized labs designated to specific research areas. These labs are equipped with advanced technology, software and experimental tools to support faculty and students in their research endeavors. Visit the Research Labs page to learn more or to contact the faculty director of a lab in your field. 

Events and Community

Where do I find out about DePaul and CDM events?

DePaul hosts several in-person, hybrid, and virtual events every month. Students can learn about events hosted at DePaul and CDM through Newsline and on our events page

We also encourage students to follow @cdmdepaul on social media. 

Which student organizations are popular with CDM students and how do I join them?

DePaul students are encouraged to join student organizations to meet people, network, and discuss trends in their area of interest. CDM’s Student Organization page contains brief descriptions of many of the groups that are popular with students in CDM programs. Students interested in joining one of the hundreds of student organizations at DePaul do so on DeHub

Identity-specific student organizations, centers, and resources can be found on CDM’s DEI page

How do I schedule a meeting/event and book a space?

Students, staff, and faculty can request and reserve meeting rooms and labs using DePaul’s 25Live system. 

Prospective Students

Can I schedule a tour of CDM or DePaul Cinespace Studios?

Prospective students are encouraged to attend a tour of the Loop Campus, which can be scheduled through DePaul’s visit page. Tours of DePaul Cinespace Studios, our 32,000 square foot production facility, are typically held weekly. Visit our events page to register. 

Video tours of CDM’s Loop facilities and DePaul Cinespace Studios can be viewed below. You can also explore CDM virtually

Video tours of CDM’s Loop facilities and DePaul Cinespace Studios can be viewed below.  

I’m interested in a CDM program. Can I speak with an admission counselor?

Prospective undergraduate students should visit DePaul’s Admission and Aid page to learn more about the admission process, submit an application, or schedule an appointment with an admission counselor

Prospective CDM graduate students can learn more about our programs and application process, or schedule an appointment with one of our admission counselors through the CDM Graduate Admission Office

I have a question about a graduate degree program at CDM.

Please visit our Graduate Admission page and click on the “FAQ” tab to learn about graduate programs, application processes, and classes.