Research Labs & Centers

collage of 4 images of students working together in different rooms

In addition to the many teaching and general purpose labs, CDM is host to a number of specialized labs designated to specific research areas. These labs are equipped with advanced technology, software and experimental tools to support faculty and students in their research endeavors.

American Sign Language (ASL) Research

This lab enables the ASL research team to work toward automatic translation of English into American Sign Language, the language of the Deaf in North America. American Sign Language is not English coded as signs but an entirely different language from English with its own unique structure. Automated English-to-ASL translation will increase Deaf access to the hearing world. Recently, the team used the lab to allow members of the deaf community to test software that demonstrates fingerspelling. For more information visit theASL project website or write

Assisted Locomotion Laboratory

The goal of the Assisted Locomotion Laboratory, directed by Umer Huzaifa, is to develop robot devices to help people with limited mobility regain their freedom in movement. Lab members are currently studying locomotion in natural and artificial systems with legs to better understand the physical phenomenon involved in the coordinated movement of the joints transporting our bodies. The lab consists of a collegial group of students and professionals of different levels helping in embedded systems, mechanical design, and user testing of the robots.