Paige Trowbridge

Assistant Professor // Interactive Media, Human Computer Interaction, Security
School of Design
Paige Trowbridge

Bio and Research Information

Paige Trowbridge practices and researches the construction of reality as it happens in mass media, new media, across networks, and within power structures, particularly focused on queering reality as resistance, side-effect, and tactic. Her design work focuses on experience design for privacy and security, programming pedagogy for designers, and geo-located augmented reality (AR). In previous projects, she employed AR, video, and game spaces to highlight police omnipresence and security theater. Trowbridge co-founded and co-directs Divergent Design Lab, focused on divergent thinking in emerging media practices, and working on identity, privacy, and security from an intersectional perspective. Since 2010, Trowbridge has worked in collaboration with Jessica Westbrook as Channel TWo [CH2], a Chicago-based media studio that produces critical playware. CH2's work has been featured in Motherboard Vice, The Creators Project, Art Papers, The Intercept, and Media-N. CH2's awards and commissions include a National Science Foundation subaward, a SPACES R+D Award, a Commission, a Turbulence Net Art Commission, and a Terminal Net Art Commission. Her projects have been exhibited/screened in museums, galleries, and culture centers nationally and internationally and can be found in the Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY and The Kinsey Institute Art Collection at Indiana University, Bloomington, IN. CH2 has two augmented reality apps on the App Store (polyCopRiotNode, unattendedVaporware) and three on the Google Play Store (polyCopRiotNode, unattendedVaporware, .objects). Trowbridge holds an MFA in Electronic Visualization from the University of Illinois Chicago and worked professionally in design and UI/UX in range of capacities including: Information Architect, Director of User Interface and Design, Web Developer, and Director of Project Management. select grants: Secure Design: Course and Experimentation Workshop (2017-2018), National Security Agency, under the Cybersecurity National Action Plan. w/Prof. Jessica Westbrook & Dr. Filipo Sharevski, CDM, DePaul select research presentations (Westbrook and Trowbridge) AIGA, CAA, The Dark Side of the Digital UWM Center for Information Policy Research, FATE, GLI.TC/H, HASTAC, Mobility Shifts at The New School, Processing Chicago. select publications Trowbridge, Westbrook. "Coding Slowly." Deepening Teaching for Creative Computation, Ed. Filimowicz, Michael. Cambridge University Press, 2016. Trowbridge, Westbrook. Interview by Ellen Mueller. Elements of 4D Art and Design, Ed. Mueller, Ellen. Oxford University Press, 2016.

Research Area

Interactive Media, Human Computer Interaction, Security

Specific Research Area

ambient tactical deception; malicious user experience design; critical design; code literacy; inhumane interface; code as medium

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