Study Abroad Programs

Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to consider taking part in study abroad. Prior to registering for a program, please consult an advisor in the CDM Academic Success Center to determine which academic requirements may be met through study abroad credit.

Below is a list of study abroad opportunities of particular interest to CDM students. Please visit the Study Abroad site for the schedule of all available programs at DePaul.

Atlantis Dual-Degree Program


Atlantis is a full academic year study abroad program leading to a bachelor’s degree in Business from Linköping University in Sweden. DePaul CDM juniors take business courses at BBA INSEEC in Lyon, France in the fall, followed by spring semester courses at Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden. That coursework is combined with freshman and sophomore credits so the student can be awarded a standard three year European bachelor’s degree before returning to the US. European courses count toward the student’s DePaul CDM degree, so when the student returns senior year to complete the CDM major, they will receive a second bachelor’s degree, this one from DePaul.

Students interested in Atlantis are encouraged to contact Janine Spears, the Atlantis Program Director, for more information and advising.

Austria and Switzerland: Critical Foundations in Modern Design

ariel view of city

During this two-week trip to Vienna, Zurich and Basel, students will visit graphic design companies, branding studios, type foundries, print shops, museums, architectural sites, cultural sites, and historical sites. The objective for this program is for students to develop a more complete understanding of modernism and how it has impacted visual culture and design. The program will examine the origins of modernism and how reactions to existing philosophies of extravagant ornamentation and decoration established a new movement in design that embraced industrialization and simplicity.

Contact Lee Zelenak or Nathan Matteson for more information.

Design, Landscape, and Society in Scandinavia

four students near water during sunset

This program offers new perspectives on designers’ relationships to society and the natural world. Through visits to design studios, design centers, museums, and galleries in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, students will examine unique relationships among Scandinavian society, landscape, and culture with a focus on how they have affected the development of modern design in Scandinavia.

Contact Nathan Matteson for more information.

Documentary Filmmaking in India: Beyond Bollywood

Video 1

Akanksha: Bridging the Gap

Video 2

Meri Betiyaan'  

Video 3

Babita and Sumeet'  

Video 4

Poonam '  

Video 5

Akanksha: The Importance of Physical Education'  


For three weeks in December, students study India and its culture through documentary filmmaking. Students prepare for their Bollywood experience during the fall quarter in the Beyond Bollywood course (DC 370/DC 470). Documentary techniques taught in the fall prepare students for the intensive cultural immersion and hands-on workshop during the December Intersession (DC 396/DC 496). Students collaborate with an NGO under the guidance of filmmakers located in the heart of Bollywood. They also create an original visual media project while exploring the Taj Mahal, the palaces and forts of Jaipur and the abandoned city of Fatehpur Sikri. Students with all levels of experience and from every discipline are welcome.

Contact Shayna Connelly for more information.

Film in Paris

Arc de Triomphe

This program allows students to spend spring in the heart of Paris, one of the world’s most beautiful and exciting cities. While studying at the Alliance Française and at the CEA Paris Center, students have the opportunity to experience the rich cultural life of Paris as they improve their French. Students intern at the world-renown Champs-Élysées Film Festival, and enroll in a French language course (at the student’s level) as well as two area studies courses taught in English. The area studies courses include trips to several galleries and museums.

Contact Tim Peternel for more information.

Gaming and Animation

group of DePaul students infront of Japanese Museum

Computer Games and Animation in Japan is a two-week trip to Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya. Students will visit game and animation companies to learn about the processes of crafting culturally-significant Japanese entertainment from creative industry professionals. Students will be given the opportunity to examine how Japanese games/animation/motion graphics have mutually influenced specific aspects of Japanese culture including art, design, fashion, advertising, television and everyday life in Japan. In addition, students will visit museums, galleries, restaurants, temples, cultural centers, and historic sites fostering meaningful experiences in their chosen areas interest and gather research materials they will later use to craft personal projects inspired by their impressions of the trip. In Nagoya, students will visit Trident College of Computing to work collaboratively with Japanese game/animation students on a festive and fun two-day game/animation jam.

Contact Brian Schrank or Shiro Akiyoshi, co-directors of this program, if you are interested in participating.

Ottawa International Animation Festival

group of DePaul students doing funny poses with their luggage

This annual trip to Ottawa, Canada is designed for undergraduate and graduate animation students who have an interest in attending the Ottawa International Animation Festival, the largest and most prestigious animation festival in North America, taking place every September. At the festival, students will have the opportunity to see screenings of competition, feature, showcase, and student programs; attend industry events, panels, and talks; and meet animators, critics, teachers, and animation directors from around the world. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the state of animation industry both domestically and internationally and increase their awareness of the international film festival circuit.

Students interested in participating in this program may contact Amy Lockhart for more information.