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Study Abroad Programs

DePaul University undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to consider taking part in study abroad. Prior to registering for a program, please consult an advisor in the CDM Academic Success Center to determine which academic requirements may be met through study abroad credit. In some cases, students can earn liberal studies, major, minor, or elective credits through study abroad.

Please visit the Study Abroad site for the most current list of programs.

Atlantis Dual-Degree Program

most recent session: 2016-2017


Atlantis is a full academic year study abroad program leading to a Bachelors in Business from Linköping University in Sweden. DePaul CDM Juniors take business courses fall semester at École de Commerce Européenne in Lyon, France, followed by spring semester courses at Linköping University in Linköping, Sweden. That coursework is combined with Freshman and Sophomore credits so the student can be awarded a standard three year European bachelor’s degree before returning to the US. European courses count toward the student’s DePaul CDM degree, so when the student returns Senior year to complete the CDM major, they will receive a second bachelor’s degree, this one from DePaul. All European courses (except one immersion French course) are taught in English. Students participating in study abroad will be charged both tuition and a program fee. For more information on the cost, please visit the Atlantis program page.

In order to participate in the Atlantis program, students must major in a program at CDM, maintain a GPA of at least 2.5, and complete several prerequisite courses. The application deadline for September academic year travel is in February of the student's sophmore year. Additional application information can be found on DePaul’s Study Abroad website. Students interested in Atlantis are encouraged to contact Danny Mittleman, the Atlantis Program Director, for more information and advising.

China: Global Collaborative Software Engineering

most recent session: August 2016


China has one of the fastest growing economies and one of the most vibrant IT industries in the world today. This program offers students majoring in a technology-related discipline the immersive and unique opportunity to understand the quickly evolving and innovative Chinese software and IT industries, as well as China’s rich history, culture, and modernity. In this two-week long trip, students will travel to two of the most symbolic and vibrant cities in China: Shanghai, the commercial and financial hub teeming with technological and business innovations; and Beijing, the political and economic nerve center full of rich history and cultural heritage.

Students will visit IT companies in China ranging from software development to e-commerce, financial technologies, and big data. They will attain insight into the cultural, technological, and logistical issues that arise in distributed collaborative projects with Chinese IT companies and better understand the local developer's perspective in working with U.S. IT professionals. These lessons will provide a roadmap on how to better organize and coordinate future international collaboration projects.

Throughout the trip, a number of exciting excursions to historical and cultural sites are also planned, including the imperial Forbidden City, the Great Wall, the fastest and only commercially operated MagLev (magnetic-levitation technology) train in the world, a traditional Chinese acrobat show, and more.

This program fulfills the Experiential Learning requirement of undergraduate programs.

Documentary Filmmaking in India: Beyond Bollywood

most recent session: December 2015

Video 1

Akanksha: Bridging the Gap

Video 2

Meri Betiyaan       

Video 3

Babita and Sumeet       

Video 4


Video 5

Akanksha: The Importance of Physical Education       


For three weeks in December, students study India and its culture through documentary filmmaking. Students prepare for their Bollywood experience during the fall quarter in 'Beyond Bollywood' (DC 370/ DC 470). Documentary techniques taught in the fall prepare students for the intensive cultural immersion and hands-on workshop during the December Intersession (DC 396/ DC 496). Students collaborate with an NGO under the guidance of filmmakers located in the heart of Bollywood. Students also create an original visual media project while exploring the Taj Mahal, the palaces and forts of Jaipur and the abandoned city of Fatehpur Sikri.

This course fulfills the Experiential Learning credit. Students with all levels of experience and from every discipline are welcome.

Gaming and Animation

most recent sessions: December 2013, 2015

Computer Games and Animation in Japan is a two-week trip to Tokyo, Kyoto and Nagoya. Students will visit game and animation companies to learn about the processes of crafting culturally-significant Japanese entertainment from creative industry professionals. Students will be given the opportunity to examine how Japanese games/animation/motion graphics have mutually influenced specific aspects of Japanese culture including art, design, fashion, advertising, television and everyday life in Japan. In addition, students will visit museums, galleries, restaurants, temples, cultural centers, and historic sites fostering meaningful experiences in their chosen areas interest and gather research materials they will later use to craft personal projects inspired by their impressions of the trip. Students will receive prompts to seek out Japanese people from all walks of life and exchange ideas, start friendships, and learn first-hand about what it is like to live in Japan. In Nagoya, students will visit Trident College of Computing to work collaboratively with Japanese game/animation students on a festive and fun two-day game/animation jam.

Ottawa International Animation Festival

most recent session: September 2016

This annual fall quarter trip to Ottawa, Canada is designed for undergraduate and graduate animation students who have an interest in attending the Ottawa International Animation Festival, the largest and most prestigious animation festival in North America. At the festival, students will have the opportunity to see screenings of competition, feature, showcase, and student programs; attend industry events, panels, and talks; and meet animators, critics, teachers, and animation directors from around the world. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the state of animation industry both domestically and internationally and increase their awareness of the international film festival circuit.

Scotland: Dare Academy Summer School for Game Design

most recent session: July-August 2016

Study at Abertay University, Europe’s top ranked university for game design and home to industry leaders 4J Studios, Outplay, Denki Games, Reagent Games, Ninja Kiwi, and YoYo Games. The Dare Academy Summer School is a 5-week summer program that combines lectures, workshops and industry visits, and ends with the DiGRA/FDG conference and Dare to be Digital game festival. Students earn credit for two game electives or one elective and one required game development course after completing all required coursework.