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At DePaul CDM, you can blend online and on campus classes. A degree earned by taking online classes is identical to a degree earned by a student who takes on campus classes. Graduate students who wish to complete their degree through online learning do not register for a special online degree. Rather, they apply for a regular degree program, and then register for online class sections. A student can also choose to complete a degree using a mixture of online and on-campus classes.

Online classes are not self-paced. Students complete the same weekly assignments and projects as the on campus students and then submit then via the course management system for grading. In-person proctored exams are required in most classes in order to assess student achievement and to ensure the integrity of the online course.

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CDM offers more than ten master's degrees completely online as well as two undergraduate degree completion programs for transfer students in computer science and information technology.

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Course lectures are delivered through CDM's Course OnLine (COL) system. COL records lectures and posts them online within two hours of the class session. Once available, lectures can be streamed or downloaded to your computer for offline viewing.

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Exams taken in online courses must be monitored by a proctor. Having exams proctored ensures the integrity of our programs is upheld. Depending on your instructor, your options may vary but typically the exam window is three to seven days.

Online Degree Completion

Undergraduate transfer students wishing to complete their degree online can enroll in our BS in Computer Science or BS in Information Technology program if you meet transfer requirements.

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