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In the wake of recent national conversations around anti-Black racism, sexual violence, the immigration crisis, and impact of the pandemic of marginalized people, the College of Computing and Digital Media is more awake to the systemic inequities and injustices in our institutions, including our university and our college. We invite our community members of students, alumni, staff and faculty to join us to fight to interrogate and dismantle these unjust and inequitable systems, listen to those silenced and marginalized voices in our communities, and remake those broken practices of our institutions.

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movie studio cinespace in Chicago

Our 32,000 square foot professional-level production facility at Cinespace, hands-on training from award-winning faculty, a collaboration with the famed Second City, and our LA immersion program are just a few of the things that make DePaul a top film school according to The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, MovieMaker Magazine, and The Wrap.

Top Film School
Chicago Tonight show interview

Thousands of people are being tested for COVID-19 each day, but collecting complete demographic information, including race and ethnicity, has proven difficult. Data science researchers at DePaul are collaborating with the Chicago Department of Public Health to fill in this missing information. They developed a program that narrowed the “unknown” race data gap in COVID-19 tests from 47% to 11%. CDM professor Daniela Stan Raicu discusses how they did that and why it is important on Chicago Tonight.

DePaul Researchers Help Narrow Gap in COVID-19 testing
IRL 3D Printers used for Covid-19

Health care workers treating COVID-19 patients across the nation are facing a critical shortage of personal protection equipment (PPE), especially face shields and respiratory N95 face masks. DePaul faculty and students are answering the call by using medically-approved design plans and 3D printers to manufacture these much-needed supplies for hospitals in Illinois. “This is a great opportunity for us to put the skills we learned in DePaul's makerspaces to good use," says Michael Koenig, a DePaul student who is helping to produce the face masks at home.

Faculty and Students use 3D Printers to Make PPE

Student and Alumni Spotlight


Roberto Larios (MFA Screenwriting ‘17) began his career as an intern at Verve Talent and Literary Agency, where he became interested in becoming an agent. Roberto worked his way up to TV Lit Coordinator, a position he held for about a year before another recent promotion to his current role of TV agent. Roberto is especially focused on lifting up new and diverse voices. On his time at DePaul, Roberto reflects, “I wouldn’t be where I am without the education and the resources, and more so the skillset, that I learned in my time at DePaul—but also the people that I met there.”

School of Cinematic Arts Alumni
headshot of Alicia Boyd

Alicia Boyd is a Computer Science Doctoral Candidate, set to defend in May 2021. She has been selected as a 2021 NCWIT Collegiate Award finalist for her work on Intersectional Quantitative Analysis of the #MeToo Movement. Alicia considers herself an Intersectional Quantitative Data Scientist who locates data from people marginalized in society and brings it into central focus using machine learning techniques. She uses the Intersectional framework to critique the data science process and machine learning quantitatively. Alicia is passionate about mentoring women and girls navigating academia, encouraging health and wellness, and promoting confidence in their voices.

PhD in Computer & Information Sciences
monitor with broken fuzzy text reading Buddy Similator 1984

4 young men in suits After making their first game (A Game about Literally Doing Your Taxes) together in 2019, CDM alumni Josh Eckhart and DeMarco Scarnegie, CDM student Brandon Hesslau, and UIC student Vince Weiss formed Not a Sailor Studios. On the heels of Taxes’ success (it has been downloaded over 40,000 times), the team is releasing their second game, Buddy Simulator 1984, on February 18. Buddy is based on an original idea Brandon came up with during his first year at DePaul. “We couldn't do all of this without DePaul's amazing professors, opportunities, and courses that they provided. It helped to further engage our love of game design, start a legitimate company, and follow our passion for creating video games,” said Josh.

Institute for Professional Development (IPD)

IPD offers intensive certificate programs designed for IT professionals who wish to learn new technologies and upgrade their skills in a short amount of time.

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