CDM Academic Success Center

DePaul Center
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
Suite 8500
Chicago, IL 60604

Virtual Hours
Monday through Friday, 9am to 6pm
(312) 362-8633

Scheduled appointments are strongly encouraged and may be set in BlueStar. Although we will offer in-person appointments, we also encourage students to select an online meeting. We are unable to offer walk-in appointments.

CDM Advising

Advising in the College of Computing and Digital Media

Academic advisors can assist you with progression toward degree completion, navigating university technology and resources, course selection and registration issues, and many other things. We encourage students to meet with their academic advisors regularly as they move through their program.

The College of Computing and Digital Media provides both staff (also known as academic) and faculty advisors to help students successfully complete their degree requirements and prepare for their careers and graduate study.

Both types of advisors can address questions about major/minor and graduation requirements. However, you can think of the difference between these advisors as a difference in perspective and scope.

  • Staff Advisors
    • Offer a broader perspective.
    • Have expertise in how to successfully fulfill major/minor and graduation requirements and navigate the degree process; can help build an optimized schedule each term.
    • Possess in-depth knowledge about college and university policies and procedures, your degree progress report (DPR) and transcripts, and the wide range of resources and extra- and co-curricular experiences available to students.
    • Make changes to your record that are approved by deans and faculty advisors.
    • Sign forms for financial aid, international students and transfer students.
  • Faculty Advisors
    • Are experts in your major field.
    • Assist with long-term planning of your academic program. They know the wide variety of careers available to majors, which particular courses will be best for you, and how to most effectively choose and prepare for specific graduate programs and careers.
    • Can help you evaluate how well your skills and abilities fit with the field and your goals. In addition, they have extensive contacts in the field and can foster your professional development in your academic area of interests.
    • Consult on prerequisite inquiries and approve necessary overrides; approve changes that occur within your chosen major.

Appointments with both your staff and faculty advisor can be made in BlueStar in Campus Connect.



The Class Search and Enroll PDF includes a step-by-step guide to managing your classes on Campus Connect.

Your degree progress report tells you which courses you have already taken and how many requirements you have left to take. Visit the CDM website to determine the faculty recommended sequencing. On our site you will want to hover over ACADEMICS, select UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS, select BACHELOR'S DEGREE PROGRAMS and then check the CURRICULUM AND REQUIREMENTS page for your program and/or concentration.


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