Bachelor's Programs

Bachelor's Programs

BA Animation

The BA in Animation emphasizes animation principles and animation production within a broad Liberal Arts context. The program focuses on 3D modeling and animation, hand-drawn animation, motion graphics, and stop-motion animation for game development, cinema, TV and interactive media.

BFA Animation

The BFA in Animation is for students with career goals as animation artists, character animators, game artists, CGI effects animators, and motion graphics animators. The program focuses on 3D modeling and animation, hand-drawn animation, motion graphics, and stop-motion animation for game development, cinema, TV and interactive media.

BA Computing

The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Studies with a major in Computing program builds knowledge and skills in computing and technology-based systems for application in a range of organizational settings. This program helps students integrate liberal arts learning--with an emphasis on agile and critical thinking--with a professional specialization.

BS Computer Science

Provides essential education in the foundations of computing, data storage and information processing. With this foundation, graduates of the program can easily adapt to and create new information technologies, new computing paradigms, and new ideas for applying computer systems.

BS Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering

Prepares students to develop and manage cyber-physical systems, often referred to as Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems. During their course of study, students are trained to build hybrid control systems that integrate physical processes, computation, and control.

BS Cybersecurity

Prepares students to evaluate and manage an organization's computer, information and network security, as well as develop a solid information technology infrastructure.

BS Data Science

The Bachelor of Science in Data Science is designed to meet the growing demand for data scientists and data analysts. The interdisciplinary degree provides students with the necessary skills in programming, statistical modeling, machine learning, and data management required to analyze complex data sets and to develop meaningful analytics solutions.

BA Film and Television

Our BA in Film and Television degree teaches the fundamentals of writing, production, and theory for film and television.

BFA Film and Television

Our BFA in Film and Television degrees teach the specialized skills and knowledge of nine different crafts or genres in film and television (cinematography, creative producing, directing, documentary, editing, production design, screenwriting, sound, and visual effects).

BS Game Design

Prepares students to become leaders in the diversifying field of games. Throughout the program, students collaborate on interdisciplinary teams with programmers, artists, writers, and audio designers.

BS Game Programming

Prepares students to work in the multi-disciplinary field of computer gaming and interactive media. Students specialize in either game design or game programming, but all students work in cross-disciplinary teams to design and develop games.

BFA Graphic Design

Provides students with the conceptual, formal and technological skills to plan and execute the design of visual communication within many mediums, including print, web, multimedia, exhibition, film and illustration.

BS Information Systems

Focuses on the organizational and business application of computers and related technologies. It prepares students for careers in in IT project management, systems analysis & design, database administration, helpdesk, enterprise systems administration, and user training.

BS Information Technology

Focuses on preparing graduates who are concerned with issues related to advocating for users and meeting their needs within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. This degree prepares you to become skilled in problem solving and programming, networks and communications systems, databases, Internet and Web technologies, security and project management, and have a strong grasp of business concepts and technical communications.

BS Math and Computer Science

Is designed to prepare students to compete for the more intellectually demanding jobs in software development or for graduate study in various areas of computer science and applied mathematics such as theoretical computer science, graphics, data analysis, artificial intelligence, and computational methods.

BS Network Engineering and Security

Focuses on the theory and practice of designing, deploying and managing both wired and wireless networks technologies, including broadband Internet access technologies, interconnection technologies, network convergence, and network security.

BS User Experience Design

Prepares students for the expanding fields of user experience design. The base program integrates technical and creative disciplines such as human-computer interaction, information technology and graphic design. Concepts and skills involve web development languages, interactive scripting, human-centered design and social computing.

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