Bachelor of Science Robotics

The Bachelor of Science in Robotics is designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of core principles in computer science and mathematics essential for robotics. Through rigorous coursework, students will gain proficiency in programming, data structures, algorithms, and foundational mathematical concepts such as calculus, linear algebra, and discrete mathematics. This solid foundation will serve as the bedrock for their exploration into advanced topics in robotics design and systems integration, where they will develop expertise in robot kinematics, dynamics, control systems, and the ability to prototype and implement functional robotic solutions.

Additionally, the program emphasizes the cultivation of skills in cutting-edge areas like machine learning, computer vision, and digital signal processing, empowering students to apply these technologies effectively in developing autonomous navigation, environmental sensing, and intelligent decision-making capabilities for robotic systems. Through experiential learning and capstone projects, students will have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical settings, demonstrating their problem-solving abilities, creativity, and readiness for professional practice in the field of robotics.

For international students: this is a STEM-designated program, which can qualify you to extend your post-graduation stay in the United States.

Degree Requirements
  • Umer Huzaifa

    Dr. Huzaifa’s research interests include legged locomotion, social robotics, control systems, and dynamics.

  • David Ramsay

    Dr. Ramsay studies how the design of ubiquitous tools alter our cognition, with an emphasis on patterns of daily attention. He combines high-quality hardware systems with cutting edge statistical modeling to measure, understand, and improve human experience. Dr. Ramsay earned his PhD from the MIT Media Lab, and is a Fulbright-winning researcher.

  • Mahdi Pedram

    Dr. Pedram focuses on developing embedded systems and machine learning models capable of detecting and predicting human behavior in real-time, namely smoking, physical activity, eating, and drinking. He builds technology, including novel wearable devices, to improve our understanding of lifestyle habits and make people’s lives easier and their health better.

Faculty Research

3 faculty around electronics

The School of Computing treats cutting-edge, multidisciplinary, transformative research as integral to its delivery of first-class instruction. Currently, SoC faculty members Umer Huzaifa and Ilyas Ustun and LAS faculty member Julie Hwang are combining robotics, geography, and machine learning as part of a grant-funded project with Rosalind Franklin.

Robitics instructor  

Research Labs

CDM is home to several specialized research labs, including the Robotic Assisted Locomotion (RAL) Lab. The goal of the RAL Lab is to develop robot devices to help people with limited mobility regain their freedom in movement. The lab consists of a collegial group of students and professionals of different levels helping in embedded systems, mechanical design, and user testing of the robots. Students interested in joining the lab can email Umer Huzaifa.

2 students soldering  

Idea Realization Lab

The Idea Realization Lab (IRL) is a 4,500 square foot makerspace that includes a variety of state-of-the-art fabrication facilities like 3D printers, thermal formers and molding, and more. The IRL also supports several types of rapid prototyping technologies including Inventables X-Carve, laser cutters, vinyl cutters, sergers, and precision multi-axis CNC milling machines. Students have access to leading-edge engineering software tools to bring innovative ideas to life.


Project Spotlight

School of Computing faculty and PhD candidate Dimuthu Kodippili Arachchige and his colleagues created a robot that emulates the way pinnipeds – such as seals and sea lions – bounce and lunge on land, bobbing their heads and bodies to gain momentum while pushing along the ground with their flippers

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