School of Computing
Faculty Research

student writing on a board

Craig Miller and Amber Settle are examining how novice programmers learn to reference elements in computer code. For example, many beginning students mistakenly refer to a position in a list when they intend to refer to its value, and vice versa. They theorize that students are relying on habits of figurative communication---a practice that works for people but not machines. Their effort includes the development of effective strategies for instructors so that students succeed in constructing appropriate, literal references.       

DePaul CDM Research

Professor Daniela Stan Raicu, along with graduate and undergraduate researchers in the Medical Informatics (MedIX) Laboratory, use the power of visual computing to advance research in the medical field.  

DePaul CDM Research

Assistant Professor Filipo Sharevski has been selected a featured curriculum author as part of the National Security Agency’s implementation of the Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP). The curriculum developed by Dr. Sharevski is one of the first ten to be released nationally on, a high-quality and high-availability repository for curricular and ancillary resources in the cybersecurity education community.       


Research Areas

Peter Hastings

Intelligent tutoring systems, serious games, natural language processing.

Steve Lytinen

Natural language processing; intelligent information retrieval; agent-based modeling.

Bamshad Mobasher

Data mining; web mining and web analytics; intelligent agents; web information retrieval.

Raffaella Settimi

Bayesian analysis; probabilistic learning; graphical modeling; information retrieval.

Noriko Tomuro

Natural language processing; machine learning; information retrieval.