Casey Bennett

Adjunct Faculty // Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Human Computer Interaction
Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media
Casey Bennett

Bio and Research Information

Casey Bennett specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in healthcare, with over 15 years’ experience in data science, machine learning, and analytics. He has a PhD in informatics and computer science from Indiana University. Dr. Bennett is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Cigna, and an adjunct Professor at Depaul University in the College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM). Previously, he was a data scientist at CVS Health and Centerstone, the largest clinic-based behavioral healthcare provider in the United States, going back to 2006. He has served as technical lead for studies funded by AHRQ, SAMHSA, NIH, NSF, and the CDC. More recently, he has served as Chief Scientific Officer at a startup, leading technical development of AI-driven clinical decision support technology for mental health, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses in both payor and at-risk provider systems. His work has been featured as part of IBM's “Smarter Planet” campaign, as a TED talk, and in international magazines like ComputerWorld and Slate. His current research focuses on artificial intelligence in clinical decision-making for chronic illness, robotic companions for elderly people with with dementia and aging-related issues, and development of robotic sensor systems for monitoring in-home patient health.

Research Area

Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Human Computer Interaction

Specific Research Area

Artificial Intelligence for healthcare purposes ... data science, machine learning, robotics, human-robot interaction, internet of things, clinical decision support, personalized medicine, value-based care

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