Course Catalog

Course Catalog

The College of Computing and Digital Media offers more than 200 courses each quarter, including over 80 online. The list below includes all courses on CDM's catalog. Not all courses are offered each quarter. Consult the CDM course schedule to see when CDM courses are being offered.

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Course Promotions

  • POST 200 - 402 EDITING II (FORMERLY DC 320) • Autumn 2020 

    Contiuing use of the Adobe Premiere Pro editing sofware, this course builds on the basic editing skills acquired in Editing I with longer projects in a wider variety of motion content genres. These include documentary, longer multi-scene dialog projects, montage and action sequences. Multi-camera, special effects, sound effects and color are also areas of concentration. 

    Students are invited to do more complex found footage projects or self-produced projects for the final project..A deomonstration of the AVID Media Composer (used in Editng III) will be introduced duing the final weeks of the course. 

  • POST 328/428 Scoring for Film and Video 

    POST 328/428 Scoring for Film and Video

    Autumn 2019. Wednesdays from 5:45-9 in CDM 922. Email for questions.

    Students are introduced to elements of music and ways in which these elements may be used to create a musical style that enhances the visual statement. Course emphasizes understanding the function of the score and how it relates to texture, color, and drama in music. Students explore their creativity using the tools available, work on projects of increasing complexity, and complete a score for their own film or video as a final project. 

    The class is designed for all student abilities and experiences. It's great for editors that want to know how scores work to directors who need to learn how to talk to composers to screenwriters who need to imagine how music functions in their scripts.

    This course is only taught in Autumn and Winter.

  • DC 222: Hollywood Film Structures (Online) 

    DC 222: Hollywood Film Structures is an Arts and Literature course designed for those interested in understanding how Hollywood screenwriters craft stories that appeal to audiences commercially, emotionally, thematically, and stylistically. We examine a number of films across different styles and genres to uncover how cinematic stories are developed, and the role of screenwriters in the film industry. Assignments consist of four quizzes and one paper. This course will be conducted online. Professor Brad Riddell has written four produced feature films for major Hollywood studios, and is currently writing a script for skateboarder, Tony Hawk. For questions, please email More about Professor Riddell can be found at

  • SCWR 100 Introduction to Screenwriting 

    This course is an introduction to and overview of the elements of theme, plot, character, and dialogue in dramatic writing for cinema. Emphasis is placed on telling a story in terms of action and the reality of characters. The difference between the literary and visual medium is explored through individual writing projects and group analysis. Development of synopsis and treatment for a short theatrical screen play: theme, plot, character, mise-en-scene and utilization of cinematic elements.

    The course offers an engaging way to explore the craft of screenwriting and a student's creativity. A full 4 credit hours in just 5 weeks. Also available as an online course.

    East Jackson 206 - LOOP CAMPUS