Course Catalog

Course Catalog

The College of Computing and Digital Media offers more than 450 courses each quarter, including over 130 online. The list below includes all courses on CDM's catalog. Not all courses are offered each quarter. Consult the CDM course schedule to see when CDM courses are being offered.

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 Course Promotions

  • What Makes Us Laugh 

    This course examines the role that comedy and satire have played in the cinematic arts since the turn of the last century. Students will examine the comedic language in films and television shows, while understanding the context for the times in which they were made.

    Spring 2019-2020

    Section: 601

    Class number: 30811

    Meeting time: Th 1:30PM - 4:45PM

    Location: SCITY 00201 at Off Campus at the Screening Room of Second City Theater

    Instructor: Jeff Griggs | View syllabus

  • Film 290: Topics in Digital Cinema: Blade Runner: Summer 2 

    Film 290: Topics in Digital Cinema: Robert Steel

    We have added the Topics class on Blade Runner for the Spring. It can sub for some major classes.
    In 1982, there was a distinct aesthetic shift with the release of Blade Runner. It didn't look or feel like any other film released at that time. Ahead of its time, it was a failure. Time caught up and it is now a classic, considered one of the great films of all time. In DC 270, we cover the films that influenced Blade Runner and the films that were influenced by Blade Runner. Blade Runner 2049 will also part of the course. All assignments are creative responses to the films we view. 
    Please let me know if you have any questions or need any assistance.

  • New Course Summer 2020! IS 568 

    In today's complex organizations, IT Governance is an important managerial challenge. IT Governance deals with decisions and responsibilities concerning IT. The necessity to effectively govern an organization's IT demands investments, and resources, poses a challenge to executive management. This course helps students learn and understand how to align business and organizational demands, using established frameworks, to optimally and strategically obtain tangible value from their IT systems, processes, and investments.

    We will cover IT/Business Alignment, IT Business Value, Frameworks for the Enterprise Governance of IT (such as COBIT 5), and the implementation of EGIT. If you are interested in how to incorporate IT Governance best practices for a competitive advantage for your organization, this course is for you! 

    For more information: Please contact me at 

  • College of Computing and Digital Media Online New Graduate Student Orientation 

    Join your CDM Graduate Admission Officers for our New Graduate Orientation. Newly admitted students will learn how to register for classes, navigate Campus Connect, and gain useful tips for program management.

    Get all your new student questions answered, receive assistance enrolling, and get next steps for your first quarter. 

    The presentation begins promptly at the start of the event time. This is a screen share event and it is recommended that you view via a laptop or desktop with at least two tabs open to follow along. 

    Google Chrome is the preferred browser for the event site.



    Want to extend your cinematography and lighting knowledge into the realm of computer graphics, learn truly Cinematic CGI techniques, and upgrade your VFX Skills? If so, this is going to be a fantastic class for you!


    Course Description:

    An introduction to real world cinematography techniques as applied to CGI (Computer Generated Imaging), VFX, Animation, game design, and virtual worlds. Creative camera and lighting approaches will be explored using MAYA and other CGI Software applications through a variety of digital exercises, including CGI specific framing, lensing, look development, contrast and color, light and shadow, virtual camerawork, light rigging, rendering, and other projects.


    Learning Outcomes:

    Students will be able to:

    • Analyze usage of camerawork and lighting in historical and contemporary film.
    • Identify real world lighting cues to help guide CG to match live footage for VFX shots.
    • Discuss creative camera and lighting solutions for CGI/VFX projects.
    • Critique CG cinematography and lighting content.
    • Compose, light, and render camera shots for CGI/VFX projects.



    Autodesk Maya;


    Suggested Prerequisites:

    • ANI 230 - 3D Design and Modeling
    • VFX200 – Intro to Visual Effects



    Fall 2020, Section 401, Class# 16128, 4.00 credits

    Tu 1:30PM - 4:45PM


    Feel free to reach out with any questions!

    Chris Olsen

    Depaul Loop/TBD