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male silhouette with sunset in the background Le Nu
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Le Nu by Brian Zahm        

3 movie posters: Wild Things, The Merry Gentleman, and The Harvest The Merry Gentlman
The Merry Gentleman movie trailer

A few films by Steven A. Jones        

Cartoon of Hippie like characters dancing in a trance
more about Matt Quinn

Let it Beard by Matt Quinn        

1 mid aged woman comforts another mid aged woman in a bikini infont of a pool
more about Shayna Connelly

Gardening At Night by Shayna Connelly        

birds eye view of old druggy in his living room looking up to the ceiling Nostalic
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Nostalgic by Ron Eltanal        

Realistic silhouette of male and female singers which is a constant throughout the music video Mistreated and Wild
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Mistreated and Wild music video by Shayna Connelly and Chris Kalis        

white silhouette of a male, with a backpack on, inside a home
more about Anu Rana

For The Records by Anu Rana        

young female cgi character looking perhaps worried.
more about Kahra Scott-James

TRAP, script and sound design by Kahra Scott-James        

homeless woman living in a makeshift tent outside with documentary crew filming her @home
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@Home by Susanne Suffredin        

Director with crew directing characters in his teen adventure film

Thrill Ride by Chris Parrish        

3 movie psters: Spun, Dog Eat Dog, and Buffalo 66 Dog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Dog movie trailer

A few films by Timothy Peternel        


Recent Highlights

stop motion film of Sleepy Steve

Sleepy Steve
by Meghann Artes

video trailer of Empty Space

Empty Space
by James Choi

 claymation film, Crank Balls

Crank Balls by Devin Bell

Creative Areas


Brian Andrews

Brian Andrews is an internationally exhibiting artist and filmmaker who has produced media for the visual effects, animation, and fine art markets for the past 15 years. Exhibitions of his work have been held at the SIGGRAPH Asia Electronic Theater, Hong Kong Exhibitions Centre, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and California Academy of Sciences among many others. He is an active member of the Visual Effects Society. 

He serves as a faculty member at DePaul University within the School of Cinematic Arts. Previously, he was the Program Chair for both the Animation & Visual Effects as well as the Digital Filmmaking programs at Ex’pression College. Always an inquisitor of the creative process, Brian Andrews also records on contemporary art and filmmaking as a senior producer for Bad at Sports Contemporary Art Talk.

Brian Andrews holds a Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as a dual Bachelor of Arts with Highest Honors in Visual Arts, Psychology, and a minor in Media from the University of California San Diego.

Meghann Artes

Meghann Artes holds an MFA from the Animation Workshop at UCLA. In addition to her academic work, she has over fifteen years of entertainment industry experience working for companies like Dreamworks, Nickelodeon, Bix Pix, Noggin, NBC, ABC and Sesame Street. She has won both an Emmy and a Peabody and her short films have enjoyed success in film festivals both across the country and internationally. Her film Speed Dating (2014) was selected as a Short of the Week, Vimeo Staff Pick and won a national jury award at the USA Film Festival. Meghann’s latest film, Sleepy Steve (2015), a comically absurd short film that combines live action, animation and visual effects, was also selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick and is currently playing at film festivals around the world.

Lisa Barcy

Lisa Barcy has been making animated films for 20 years, and teaching animation since 1997. Her works include The Guilt Trip, or The Vaticans Take a Holiday, The Ordovicians, Woman Without a Past, Mermaid, and Anonanimal, a music video created for Andrew Bird. Her films have been screened in numerous festivals and screenings including Slamdance, Aurora (Norwich, England), The Ottawa International Animation Festival, The Bradford Animation Festival, The Chicago Underground Film Festival as well as solo shows at The Gene Siskel Film Center and Roots and Culture. She received the Directors Citation Award at The Black Maria Film Festival for both The Guilt Trip and Mermaid, and the Best Animation award at The Ann Arbor Film Festival for Mermaid. When not animating she is usually busy creating artist books, collage paintings, and numerous sculptural oddities.

Devin Bell

Devin Bell has a passion for storytelling through character animation. His award-winning short films have been in over 80 festivals globally. He attended Skidmore College, where he majored in printmaking and sculpture, and also discovered a love for stop-motion animation. He earned his MFA in animation at CalArts. After seven years in Los Angeles directing short films and commercials, Devin is now teaching fulltime. He continues his personal projects in filmmaking, writing and illustrating.

Brian Ferguson

Brian Ferguson is a 25-year veteran film animator with many major projects to his credit, including some of the highest grossing films of all time. His filmography includes 15 feature films, several as supervising animator, for Walt Disney Animation Studios, including the critically acclaimed and financially successful Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontas, Mulan, Fantasia 2000, and Winnie the Pooh. Brian is especially skilled at conveying humor and appealing personality, as can be seen in his characters among these landmark films. Brian has been an adjunct professor of character animation at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) School of Film and Video. He continues to keep his animation skills at their peak performance by working on numerous freelance projects. Brian is trained and adept in both hand drawn and CG animation. His skills extend to illustration, photography, and piano - which Brian believes helps his understanding of the rhythms and timing of performance. He holds degrees from the New York Institute of Technology (Photography, Computer Graphics), Sheridan College (Classical Animation), and the University of Alberta (Zoology, Physics).

Joshua Jones

Joshua Jones received his MFA from The University of Southern California where he created the student Academy Award-Nominated film A Short Lifetime's Poem of Memory. As a stop motion animator at Will Vinton Studios, Jones animated on eight episodes of the three time Emmy award winning showThe PJ's, and the two time Emmy award winning UPN show Gary and Mike. He has worked as a CG animator in feature film and television with Fox TV, Fox Kids, Warner Brothers, Crystal Sky, Creative Visual EFX, Skyler Animation Studios, Oregon Public Broadcasting and National Geographic. His award winning independent animated films have screened internationally.

Chris Kalis

Chris Kalis' multidisciplinary work combines motion graphics, animation, sound design, film scoring, and interactive media. He is a co-founder of Plural Design and the electronic music collective Chandeliers. In 2015, Chandeliers composed and performed a live soundtrack to Marcell Jankovics' animated masterpiece Fehérlófia and the theme music to the animated short Let it Beard. Chris has exhibited video and graphic work at the Hyde Park Art Center, the Co-Prosperity Sphere, and the Public Works Gallery. His music has received praise from The WIRE, Pitchfork, and the Chicago Tribune. In 2015, he was selected to contribute design work to the X/I: Ten Words and One Shot book published by Deutsche & Japaner, and was also featured in the Typeforce 4, along with DePaul Graphic Design students. He also co-directed and produced a music video, Mistreated and Wild with Shayna Connelly, which has screened at festivals across the country. In 2016, he completed work on an original score for the feature film Orders, a music video for recording artist MNLTH, and two Chandeliers vinyl releases. Chris has co-written and is currently directing an animated short film.

Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts’ sculptures, video installations and animations have been exhibited internationally. He also has over ten years of professional experience in television art direction, post-production, animation and 3D game art, and was the production designer for the independent film, Making Revolution.

Heinz Schuller

Heinz Schuller has worked in the game industry for 23 years, serving at companies including Viacom New Media, FASA Interactive, Microsoft Game Studios, and Day 1 Studios. He is credited with Art Direction on popular PC & Console games including Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance, F.E.A.R. 3, Avatar Laser Wars II, and Savage Lands Alpha (Steam). Heinz also served as Publishing Art Director at Microsoft on games such as Mechassault, Mechassault 2, and Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge. He is currently working on a new unannounced title for PC/Steam.

Steve Socki

Steve Socki received an MFA from the Cal Arts Experimental Animation Program where he studied under his mentor Jules Engel. Steve worked for over 25 years in Hollywood as a director & producer on animated TV series such as Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and Curious George. He was an animation timing director on The Simpsons, and Futurama. He has been nominated for five Emmy Awards, and has won one. Steve Socki’s current short animated film Sparrow Duet has been selected to over 30 international film festivals including The Holland Animation Festival, The Melbourne Animation Festival, The Montreal Animation Festival, and The Inde Gathering Festival in Ohio, where it received an honorable mention award.