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Faculty Creative Activity

Hominidae, movie trailer

Hominidae, by Brian Andrews  

Most Hated Woman in America
Most Hated Woman In America, movie trailer

Most Hated Woman In America, edited by Michael X. Flores  


QUIVER by Shayna Connelly  

young woman stretching

COUNTER // BALANCE by Anuradha Rana  

3 movie posters: Wild Things, The Merry Gentleman, and The Harvest The Merry Gentlman
The Merry Gentleman movie trailer

A few films by Steven A. Jones  

abstract animations with heavy use of lines Sparrow Duet
View Video on Vimeo 

Sparrow Duet by Steve Socki  

homeless woman living in a makeshift tent outside with documentary crew filming her @home
View Video on Youtube

@Home by Susanne Suffredin  

3 movie psters: Spun, Dog Eat Dog, and Buffalo 66

A few films by Timothy Peternel  


Recent Highlights

birds eye view of a colorful cast of actors on a pure white stage

Oh Baby!
by Meghann Artes

stained glass

Saint Frances
by Alex Thompson

2 parents discussing with teacher

Other People’s Children
webseries by Anna Hozian and Brad Riddell

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