Kahra Scott-James

Assistant Professor // Cinema Production, Post Production, Animation
School of Cinematic Arts
Kahra Scott-James

Bio and Research Information

Kahra Scott-James is a Sound Designer, Re-recording Mixer and occasional Composer. Commercial experience includes designing soundtracks for 3D interactive movie creators Brilliant Digital Entertainment (USA/Australia – Warner Brothers/DC Comics), and managing an audio post-production studio for several years, working on broadcast, film and animation projects. Her work has been screened in a number of international film festivals, with film and TV awards from Denmark, Singapore, Korea, NZ, Canada, USA, and Germany. She is also an alumnus of the Berlinale Talent Campus (2010). Prior to DePaul she lectured in sound design and audio post production in New Zealand, Australia and Ireland. Currently she is working on a web series (Sound Design and Re-recording Mixer) part funded by Google/Youtube, an animated short (Screenplay, Sound Design and Re-recording Mixer), and a digital feature film (Sound Design and Re-recording Mixer).

Research Area

Cinema Production, Post Production, Animation

Specific Research Area

Kahra has an MA in Audio from the University of Westminster (UK), an MFA in Production from the University of Melbourne (Australia), is completing a PhD focusing on Sound Design & Post Production Workflow Issues and a book about Sound Design and Moving Image for Bloomsbury UK.

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