Sharief Oteafy

Associate Professor // Telecommunication & Networking, Internet of Things, Tactile Internet
School of Computing
Sharief Oteafy

Bio and Research Information

Dr. Oteafy received his PhD in 2013 from Queen’s University, ON, Canada, focusing on adaptive resource management in Next Generation Sensing Networks; introducing the notion of Organic sensor networks that adapt to their environment, and scale with resource augmentation. He is actively engaged in the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), and is a Professional member in both IEEE and ACM, having joined them since 2008. Dr. Oteafy is the IEEE ComSoc Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks (AHSN) Standards Liaison, and on the ComSoc Tactile Internet standards Working Group. He is the recipient of the 2016 Howard Staveley Teaching Award, and was nominated for both the 2015 AMS Frank Knox Award for Excellence in Teaching and 2014 Queen’s Alumni award for Excellence in Teaching, all at Queen’s University. He co-authored a book on “Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks”, published by Wiley, presented over 40 peer-refereed publications, and delivered multiple tutorials on the IoT and Next Generation Networks. Dr. Oteafy co-chaired a number of IEEE workshops, in conjunction with IEEE ICC and IEEE LCN conferences, and served on the TPC of numerous IEEE and ACM symposia. He is currently an Associate Editor with IEEE Access, and on the editorial board of Wiley’s Internet Technology Letters.

Research Area

Telecommunication & Networking, Internet of Things, Tactile Internet

Specific Research Area

His research interests lie in next generation networking systems, with a core focus on leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) towards ubiquitous and synergistic service proliferation. His objective is to build a platform for Big Sensed Data management, whereby heterogeneous devices in the IoT would contribute data that will be seamlessly pruned and hierarchically fused, to aid sustainable service management. He is also extending the umbrella of IoT to leverage contextual awareness in the Internet of Skills, whereby emerging research on the Tactile Internet will enable contextualized remote operation of systems in perceived real-time. He is also working on Information Centric Networks, focusing on expediting content retrieval and adapting to user behaviour.

Professional Associations

ACM, IEEE, IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc)

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