Transfer Information

Transfer Credits/Inter-College Transfer

CDM recognizes that students at various levels of their academic career may have a need to take courses at a community college or four-year university. For example, taking courses at a community college during the summer may offer a convenient solution for undergraduate students who live and/or work near a college in their local community. New graduate students may have started a graduate program at another university but chose not to complete that program and instead requested a transfer to DePaul. Regardless of the situation, CDM’s Academic Success Center has professional advisors ready to assist you with any of your transfer credit needs.

CDM undergraduate students are expected to be familiar with the University transfer credit regulations as outlined in the Undergraduate Student Handbook as well as the supplemental information provided on this website. CDM graduate students should reference the transfer credit information posted on this website.

For Undergraduate Students

Transfer Credit

Current CDM undergraduate students may elect to take additional courses at another college or university. However, if the student wishes to apply that credit to his/her degree in CDM, approval must be obtained from the CDM Academic Success Center prior to the term when the course is taken. Follow these steps to initiate the approval process:

  • Read about the Transfer Credit Policies at DePaul
  • Review the Transfer Course Lists to see if DePaul has previously accepted and articulated the course(s). If a course is not listed, a course description or a syllabus of the course must be provided in order to seek approval.
  • Meet with an advisor in the CDM Academic Success Center to discuss the course(s) and to determine how the course(s) may apply in your degree program. An advisor will provide guidance if a course has not previously been accepted and articulated by the University.
  • Complete the CDM Transfer Credit Request Form and submit it, along with all supporting documentation, to the CDM Academic Success Center.

Inter-College Transfer Procedure for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students currently attending DePaul can transfer to CDM from another college by submitting an online application through Campus Connection.

Please note the following rules for the DePaul University Declarations and Inter-College Transfer application:

  • The Declarations and Inter-College Transfer application is to be used only by degree seeking students who have previously been admitted by the DePaul University Undergraduate Admission Office. Students taking classes for personal interest and career advancement are not eligible to transfer colleges.
  • Students must be enrolled or eligible to enroll at the time of the application.
  • A minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.000 is required to transfer to CDM from another college or school at DePaul University.
  • A minimum of 12 quarter hours earned as a degree seeking student at DePaul is required. Hours earned must be posted to the official DePaul transcript.

For Graduate Students

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is not widely accepted at the graduate level. However, in certain circumstances and with the approval of the student's faculty advisor it will be considered. In all instances:

  • A maximum of two courses will be considered for transfer into any CDM graduate degree program.
  • Any course that has already been applied toward a degree may not be applied again as transfer credit in a different degree.
  • If approved, the credit transferred to DePaul University applies only to programs offered through the College of CDM.
  • Credit earned through a program in the Institute for Professional Development at DePaul University is considered transfer credit and is subject to all transfer credit policies.

In order for a request for transfer credit to be considered, please submit the following materials to the CDM Academic Success Center

  • An official copy of the transcript from the school where the course was completed.
  • A written statement confirming that the course did not apply towards a previously earned degree.
  • A written statement explaining how this course might apply to your program in CDM.

Transition to MFA

Some MFA programs include a transfer policy for students initially admitted to specific MS/MA programs at CDM. Interested students should read the policy carefully and review the corresponding complete graduate admission requirements for the intended MFA program.

Transition to MFA Animation

Students who have been admitted to the MA Animation program may apply to the MFA Animation program for the next admission class in their first year of attendance only (maximum 24 credits earned for the MA program). Should a student be admitted to the MFA they may transfer any courses that apply in both programs. The MFA clock begins at the time of first enrollment in the MA Animation program and will not be extended due to a program change.

Inter-College Transfer Procedure for Graduate Students

Graduate students are not eligible for transfer to other colleges at DePaul. Current DePaul graduate students who are interested in another college at DePaul must submit an online application for admission to the other college. If applying to CDM, an admission office representative will work with the student to complete the admission process.

For Military Students

In accordance with DePaul University’s transfer credit policy and the recommendations of the American Council on Education, service members may qualify for a maximum of 12 semester or 18 quarter hours of transfer credit based on military training and education provided by the armed services. Additional transfer credit policy information may be found in the Undergraduate Student Handbook. Service members should contact an advisor in the CDM Academic Success for assistance in completing the Transfer Credit Request Form.