Grades are recorded for every course in which a student enrolls and may be accessed via campus connection. University grading policies may be found in the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Handbooks. Students are expected to be familiar with all such policies. Following are clarifying statements regarding some of these policies.

Incomplete Grades

An incomplete grade is a special, temporary grade that may be assigned by an instructor when unforeseeable circumstances prevent a student from completing course requirements by the end of the term and when otherwise the student had a record of satisfactory progress in the course. CDM policy requires the student to initiate the request for incomplete grade before the end of the term in which the course is taken. Prior to submitting the incomplete request, the student must discuss the circumstances with the instructor. Students may initiate the incomplete request process in MyCDM.

  • All incomplete requests must be approved by the instructor of the course and a CDM Associate Dean.  Only exceptions cases will receive such approval.
  • If approved, students are required to complete all remaining course requirement independently in consultation with the instructor by the deadline indicated on the incomplete request form.
  • By default, an incomplete grade will automatically change to a grade of F after two quarters have elapsed (excluding summer) unless another grade is recorded by the instructor.
  • An incomplete grade does NOT grant the student permission to attend the same course in a future quarter.
    • Course Online recordings for a specific course are only available in the course management system for one week after the quarter ends.

Course Repeats

Students are required to satisfy the minimum grade requirements for all courses in the declared degree program. Detailed information about such requirements may be found in the program description for the declared degree either on the CDM web site or in the University Catalog.

CDM understands that students may be required to repeat courses in which the minimum grade was not earned and encourages all students to reference the University policy titled Grades, Repeating Classes in either the undergraduate or graduate student handbook, as appropriate based on the level of the course.

In all cases, credit earned in a course may be applied to one degree program only. Students must consult with a faculty advisor about potential course substitutions if pursuing additional degree programs that require courses which were previously applied. Additionally, repeated grades and all credit hours earned apply in the declared program of study if a change of major or program is made prior to degree completion. The cumulative grade point average and credit hours earned are then locked upon graduation and would begin anew if a student is then admitted to a new degree program. For example, a grade of F earned in CourseX while in Major/ProgramX will still be used in GPA calculation in Major/ProgramY if the student changes to Major/ProgramY prior to graduating from Major/ProgramX. This is true even if CourseX is not a requirement in Major/ProgramY.

Grade Challenges

The University grade challenge policy exists to provide a forum for the fair resolution of academic disputes involving individual students and appropriateness of course grades. Before submitting a grade challenge, students must carefully read the section titled “Grades, Challenges to” in the Academic Student Handbook. Section D in the handbook describes the procedure for filing a grade challenge, including submission deadlines.

Grade Challenges for CDM courses must be submitted via the online form available in MyCDM. Prior to submitting a grade challenge, students should be prepared to enter a personal statement that describes the reason for the grade challenge and to include documentation to support the grade challenge. Students will be able to attach supporting documents when submitting the grade challenge. Attaching a copy of the course syllabus is strongly recommended. The CDM Grade Challenge Review Board normally meets during weeks 7 and 8 of the fall, winter and spring quarters.