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DePaul Equipment Centers                 
DePaul Equipment Centers                 
DePaul Equipment Centers                 
DePaul Equipment Centers                 
DePaul Equipment Centers                 
DePaul Equipment Centers

CDM has a large inventory of cinema and media production equipment housed in three locations. The Loop Equipment Center houses most of our camera and audio stock, as well as portable lighting kits and small grip equipment. DePaul Cinespace Studios is home to our Advanced Camera Check Out, commonly known as the Camera Vault, and to a large inventory of stage lighting, rigging, and grip equipment.

For the most current list of available gear, and to make an equipment reservation online, please use the Patron Portal.
Patron Portal: Online Equipment Reservations

Loop Equipment Center

Loop Equipment Center Inventory

The Loop Equipment Center, located in the Lower Level of the Daley Building, is home to a large array of production equipment available to students. Also known as "The Cage," the Loop Equipment Center is stocked with many different models of digital camcorders, DSLRs, lenses and camera accessories, field audio equipment, portable lighting, and light grip gear.

The Loop Equipment Center staff are fellow students, knowledgeable not only about the equipment but also the practicalities of student productions. They can help you schedule equipment rentals and, during slower periods, offer some instruction in the operation of the equipment.


phone: 312.362.5733
address: 14 E. Jackson Ave, Daley LL106

Fall Quarter 2021 Hours

Monday through Thursday 9:00am to 7:00pm
Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm

Cinespace Studios: Advanced Camera

The Camera Vault is the checkout facility for all high-end camera equipment in the School of Cinematic Arts. The Camera Vault staff is available to answer your questions about all things regarding cameras and to help with reserving equipment. SCA has an extensive inventory of industry-standard camera equipment. Each advanced camera has a certification exam. Arri, RED, Sony, Cannon, Ziess, and Cooke are just some of the names seen on our shelves.

Certification: The Camera Vault conducts individual camera workshops open to all current students during the fall, winter, and spring terms based on camera availability. Additionally, students interested in cameras and the camera department can take a two-credit hour Camera Assistant Workshop (DC368) for hands on experience with the advanced camera inventory.


phone: 312.362.6322
address: 2525 W. 15th St., Chicago IL 60608

Fall Quarter 2021 Hours

Monday through Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm

Cinespace Studios: Stages and Equipment

Stages 21A, 21B, 22, & 23: Our facility houses over 17,000 square feet of shooting space on four separate stages with numerous standing sets, a green screen cyclorama, scenic shop, prop rentals and indoor loading bay.

Equipment: Each stage at the facility has a "stage package" of lighting, grip, and power distribution to handle most productions. In addition to the stage packages, we have an extensive inventory of industry-standard motion picture equipment available to students both on the stage and on location. This includes tungsten, HMI, fluorescent & LED fixtures, hydraulic dollies, advanced rigging, advanced sound, production supplies and equipment carts.

DePaul Cinespace Studios also houses our Advanced Camera Vault, dressing rooms with hair and makeup stations, editing suites, classroom/collaboration areas, studio and location sound equipment, 2 Sprinter Vans, Sprinter Cargo Van, Scene Shop, and ample storage and work areas to support any project.

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