CDM Labs

CDM has more than 900 workstations in over 30 labs and classrooms and the latest in digital video production equipment.

The health and safety of everyone at DePaul depends on the cooperation of all who come to campus. By taking care of yourself, you protect the entire community. All DePaul students, faculty, and staff coming to campus must complete the required Health and Safety Training and follow mandatory University protocols:

Wear a face-covering

Maintain social distance (6 ft between people)

Wash your hands and clean surfaces regularly

Stay home if you are sick

Building Hours

Loop (all buildings)
Monday through Thursday: 7:00am – 10:00pm
Friday: 7:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Lincoln Park (Student Center)
Monday through Friday: 8:00am -8:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 9:00am-6:00pm

reservation Available by reservations only; walk-ins prohibited. Labs that are available for use during the Fall 2020 quarter are indicated below with a “make a reservation” button. Use of the labs is contingent upon making a reservation and agreeing to the terms of use outlined in the reservation system.

CDM Center Labs (Loop Campus)

LabLocation OSReservations
Helmut P. Epp
Collaboration Lab

CDM Lobby
CDM Tutoring LabCDM Lobby
Online for Fall.
See CDM Tutoring for more information.
CDM Networking and Security LabCDM 348   currently not available
CDM Student Computer LabCDM 400
Cisco Modeling LabCML 400
CDM 5th Floor HallwayCDM 500 currently not available
Mac Lab ClassroomCDM 526
Animation LabCDM 527
Graphic Design StudioCDM 530  currently not available
Critique Exhibition LabCDM 531 currently not available
PC Lab ClassroomCDM 532 currently not available
Gameplay LabCDM 536 currently not available
Sound Mixing StudioCDM 600A make a reservation
Mac Lab ClassroomCDM 632
PC LabCDM 634
PC Lab ClassroomCDM 658
CDM LAN LabCDM 659   currently not available
Game Research LabCDM 707 currently not available
Animation LabCDM 722
SCA Sound StudioCDM 724 make a reservation
Game Development LabCDM 725 currently not available
PC Lab ClassroomCDM 801
Software Observation and Usability Laboratory (SOUL)CDM 805
currently not available
PC Lab ClassroomCDM 819
Advanced Editing LabCDM 922
HD Editing SuiteCDM 928 currently not available
CDM 9th Floor HallwayCDM 930 currently not available

Research Labs

View CDM's Research Labs

DePaul Center Labs

Location OSReservation
NLE/Editing LabDPC Concourse 106A
PC LabDPC Concourse 106B
Mac LabDPC Concourse 106C

Richard & Maggie Daley Building Labs

LabLocation OSReservation
Editing and Color Correction Suite Daley 201 make a reservation
Editing and Color Correction Suite Daley 202 make a reservation
Editing and Color Correction Suite Daley 203 make a reservation
Editing and Color Correction Suite Daley 204 make a reservation
Mac Lab Daley 210
PC Lab Daley 212
Illustration/Drawing Room Daley 501 currently not available
Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Project Lab Daley 502 & 502A  currently not available
Capstone Collaboration LabDaley 503   currently not available
PC LabDaley 505
Mac LabDaley 506
Interactive Design Lab Daley 507 currently not available
PC Lab Daley 512
Mac Lab Daley 513

Lincoln Park Student Center Labs

LabLocation OSReservation
COL Lab ILPC Student Center 363 currently not available
COL Lab IILPC Student Center 364 currently not available
Mac Lab
LPC Student Center 331