Student Organizations

DePaul students are encouraged to join student organizations to meet people, network, and discuss trends in their area of interest. This page contains brief descriptions of many of the groups that are popular with students in CDM programs.

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Air DePaul logo

Air DePaul

Air DePaul experiments with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). They fly quadcopters, build aircraft, and use drones for aerial cinematography. A resource available to all DePaul students and faculty, Air DePaul offers plenty of opportunities to become an RC pilot, shoot a student film from the sky, or develop skills in autonomous programming.

initials D M T meshed together

DePaul Digital Media Ties

DePaul Digital Media Ties is focused on creating a strong community of students passionate about digital media by offering them opportunities to reach out to related industries, strengthen their skills in multimedia production, and collaborate or network both with each other as well as with experts outside of DePaul.

silhouette of a female head


HerCDM is a student organization for women in CDM. The organization supports student success by connecting its members to experiences designed to foster a safe and welcoming environment in which meaningful networking, career development, service, and leadership development can occur. The goal of HerCDM is to promote the retention, graduation, and future success of women in CDM in hopes of creating a larger impact of women leaders in historically underrepresented industries.

Virtual Reality DePaul logo

Virtual Reality Society

The DePaul Virtual Reality Society is dedicated to creating virtual- and augmented reality-based applications. Students have access to cutting edge software and hardware, which allows the meetings to run like interactive workshops. Dedicated to teaching, the DePaul Virtual Reality Society opens its doors to students with various backgrounds and majors. The focus is on creating games, videos, and other workshop ideas that students bring to the table.

Computing and Design

logo for DePaul A I G A

American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) at DePaul

AIGA is the largest and oldest professional membership organization for design in America. As a pre-professional club, the DePaul chapter promotes design and craft at DePaul and creates a network with Chicago designers. AIGA holds regular events, including presentations from guest speakers, design studio tours, critique sessions, and workshops. Participation from students studying graphic design, animation, ISM, AMD, communication, advertising, and other creative fields is encouraged.

C S S logo

Computer Science Society (CSS)

Computer Science Society provides the opportunity for students to collaborate on computer science-related projects, expand their computer science education, and host events related to computer science for the DePaul community.

abstract tri color cube like logo

DePaul Data Science Group

The DePaul Data Science Group connects current and former students from DePaul who study or work in analytics with the analytics industry and community. The group provides an environment that facilitates the transition into an analytics career by maintaining active relationships with analytics employers, bringing guest speakers to campus, organizing study seminars and groups for students who want to work on projects, and meeting with faculty to discuss current relevant issues concerning the field.

D I S S O logo of a pc screen and cloud

DePaul Information Systems Student Organization (DISSO)

DISSO is the Association of Information Systems Student Chapter at DePaul University. Their mission is to promote the study and utilization of information systems through programs of professional development, social networking, and community development. The organization holds networking events with professionals from industry and academia, participates in national competitions, and hosts academic events pertinent to information systems. Students will gain experience and exposure that can contribute to their professional prospects.

logo ISACA


Through student empowerment, the aim of the DePaul ISACA student organization is to expand recognition of the IT Audit and Assurance, Security and IT Governance disciplines, by extending education beyond the classroom on standards, practices and certification.

logo for DO IT

DePaul Organization for Inclusion in Tech (DOIT)

Although the tech industry emphasizes diversity and inclusion, only a small percentage of professionals are people of color. This pre-professional student organization aims to change that by providing students of color and other underrepresented groups in CDM with professional development resources and programs. The group hopes to create a community that’s ready to enter the tech industry.

DUXA text logo

DePaul User Experience Association (DUXA)

DePaul User Experience Association (DUXA) was born out of a desire to create more representation and opportunities for User Experience Design undergraduate students, user experience enthusiasts, and related majors such as graphic design, computer science, and psychology. The group aims to help members better understand current industry standards as well as collaborate, network, learn, and get involved within the UX community.

DePaul Robotics logo

DePaul Robotics Club

The DePaul Robotics Club strives to create an inclusive environment where robotics are enjoyed and discussed socially and academically. Students do not need prior experience in engineering and programming in order to join, and will be taught the fundamentals of robotics. Teams design, build, and program functioning robots, and then pit their robots against one another at an open, on-campus competition. The Robotics Club’s goal is create an environment where those who enjoy robotics and other nerdy things can commune and seek collaborative input for their enrichment.

pixelated stylized deamon face

Security Daemons

Security Daemons is an organization comprised of students who are interested in computer, information, and network security. Throughout the year, Security Daemons provides opportunities for members to learn new skills, gain real world experience, and to have fun. Events include meetings with prospective employers; presentations by current members, alumni, and industry professionals; and participation in the Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (in 2016, the team won state and regionals and placed 3rd nationally).

graphic made to look like gold and silver medallion

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE)

Upsilon Pi Epsilon’s mission is to recognize academic excellence at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the computing and information disciplines through higher academic research activities and events. UPE membership provides outstanding students with scholarships in computing science, connections to professionals and employers, ACM membership, and a great addition to their résumé. The CDM honor chapter of UPE was approved by National UPE in 2003 and has since initiated over 1000 members, becoming the largest UPE chapter.

Sheild and lock with playful yet mature colors

Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS)

WiCyS creates an inclusive, positive environment where women can find resources to help them further their interests, learning, and career goals in the cybersecurity field. The group hosts workshops in Linux, performs risk assessments, participates in competitions, and offers resume assistance.

text logo for XD Roundtable

XD Roundtable

A collective of individuals looking to provide a platform for the personal and professional growth of DePaul students in the UX industry, XD Roundtable promotes lifelong independent learning through peer-to-peer workshops and challenges. The group promotes research while working together to gain new insight into how humans interact with computation systems.

Film, TV, and Animation

orange western style logo that reads 50 50 Club

50/50 Club

The 50/50 Club is a Women in Animation student club that strives to uplift and advocate for students of underrepresented gender identities in animation.

Letters A and L make up two sides of a house logo

Animation Lodge

Animation Lodge is a student organization for both animation majors and enthusiasts. The Lodge provides a space for members to discuss animation trends and techniques, network with one another and professionals, and help build each other’s portfolios through critiques and group projects. Animation Lodge’s two major events are Mayday, a weekend-long animation marathon where students, alumni, and faculty create films based around a designated theme; and Jamfest, a screening of in-progress student work for peer review and feedback.

Beating The Block in typewritter text

Beating the Block

Beating the Block offers a creative and supportive environment that allows screenwriters to give and receive feedback for their written work. Writers utilize honesty, respect and constructive criticism to gain practice at engaging with a group of writers over their own or another’s piece of work. Whether it’s a few simple loglines or a feature, Beating the Block is a welcoming environment to practice the craft of screenwriting.

Gold Lion and film reel crest

Delta Kappa Alpha

The mission of Delta Kappa Alpha is to foster lifelong character, collaborative and creative storytelling, ethical and productive business practices, philanthropic action, and fraternal bonds by and between students of the cinematic arts.

DCC text logo

DePaul Cinema Collaborative (DCC)

The DePaul Cinema Collaborative is open to undergraduate and graduate School of Cinematic Arts students who show great skill, desire, and commitment to producing exceptional film work. DCC fosters new collaborations, arming students with focused information, industry opportunities, closer proximity to guest lecturers, and a better sense of what it takes to succeed in the industry. The organization meets officially only once per quarter with a focus on establishing the philosophy of the group, informing members of upcoming opportunities/events, and providing access to special guest speakers.

Inclusion in the Industry, which aims to empower diverse, intersectional students by embracing cultural differences and appreciations; the screenwriting group Beating the Block; and DePaul’s Society of Cinematographers are subgroups of the DCC.

Neon font of E X P Film Club

Experimental Film Club

Experimental Film Club fosters a community of avant-garde filmmakers and to create a space where students can come together to workshop, critique and develop ideas and concepts for non-traditional films. The club’s goal is to instigate collaboration between DePaul students while also creating opportunities to learn from each other and professionals.

DePaul Film Fatales logo

Film Fatales

Film Fatales supports the academic and creative needs unique to women in Digital Cinema; fosters a network of support among women in all areas of film production; and aims to increase the number of films by, for, and about women. Film Fatales holds several social events and movie screenings throughout the year and provides members with information about upcoming film festivals, volunteer opportunities, jobs, and current projects.

basic shapes and cheerful colors that make a few trees

The Grove

The Grove: Studio Collective serves the creative community of DePaul student filmmakers. The Grove creates a diverse, inclusive and creative environment of graduate filmmakers dedicated to the greater film community of Chicago. The organization’s values reflect those of DePaul University through their commitment to learning and a desire to create a space for students of various ages, experiences, abilities and interests to share ideas and create intentional and meaningful projects.

Inclusion in the Industry text with ribbon made from video film

Inclusion in the Industry

Inclusion in the Industry seeks to provide a space and resources for students of color, members of the LGBTQA community, students who are non-binary, and students with disabilities. The group aims to foster a network among these students and allies, to increase films made by and for them, and to provide a headway for them to make change not only in DePaul’s cinema program's structure but in the filmmaking community.

D S C letters inside a video camera logo

Society of Cinema­tographers

The DePaul Society of Cinematographers’ mission is to connect students to the latest technology and to people in the professional film business in Chicago.

D T V letter logo for DePaul Television

TV Incubator

The DePaul TV Incubator serves to provide both the introduction and opportunity for students to engage in the production of television or series-based content under the principles of digital cinema. The club exposes students to experiences, workshops, and opportunities focused on television and creates an encouraging place to explore, develop, and learn. The TV Incubator group aims to publish their produced content through festivals and contests in order to grow both the club’s academic career/standing and the careers of its student members.


DeFrag logo

DePaul Fundamental Research in Academic Gaming Club (DeFRAG)

As one of the largest social student organizations on campus, DeFRAG’s mission is to provide events/resources in gaming for entertainment and education to DePaul students and friends. The members of DeFRAG range from those who spend every free second programming to those who love beveling the edges of 3D objects, from the Guitar Hero pro to the World of Warcraft aficionado. Events include weekend-long game jams, multi-play nights, and video game Jeopardy.

DePaul E Sports

DePaul Esports

The DePaul Esports Gaming Center, open to the DePaul community, is a place to flex your competitive edge in various esports titles. Whether you're a new player or seasoned veteran, this center is where you'll find all esports related games that are supported, as well as the various communities that support them.