CDM Assistantships, Production Grants & Stipends

A limited number of funding opportunities are available for qualified CDM graduate students. These opportunities are very competitive. Assistantships are tuition and/or monetary awards based on academic merit, experience in the field, and recommendations. An assistantship typically requires the recipient to perform some service for CDM such as tutoring, grading or lab support.

Financial Aid Cost of Attendance Disclaimer

Types of Duties

Masters’ students are typically assigned tutoring, grading or lab support. Doctoral and MFA students may be involved in tutoring, technical support, lab management, research, producing videos for CDM, stage management, screenwriting conference, film festivals, animation projects or work at Cinespace Studios. Students must re-apply quarterly or yearly as specified below for each funding opportunity.

Application Review and Notification

The assistantships, production grants and stipends are extremely competitive. The review committees reject many students who have high (or even perfect) grade point averages simply due to high volume and quality. Therefore, the selection process tends to focus on the student's technical expertise and/or potential. Weight is given to excellent letters of recommendation that explicitly discuss the student's technical expertise and/or potential.

Available Assistantships

Please read carefully each assistantship description to determine the qualifying criterial for each assistantship prior to submitting your application. Some assistantships require additional application materials.

CDM Graduate Assistantship