Bachelor of Science Computer Science + Economics

The CS+ECON BS brings together the two distinct fields of Computer Science and Economics in a multi-disciplinary degree program that reflects the impact of computing and data analytics in the field of economics, including the increasing reliance on domain-specific computer applications.

The CS part of the CS+ECON BS curriculum provides students training in fundamental computational problem-solving skills including thinking abstractly, applying formal logic and mathematics, developing algorithms and data structures, and reasoning about and developing software systems at different levels of abstraction. The ECON part of the CS+ECON BS curriculum fosters critical thinking and decision-making skills, equipping individuals with a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, societal trends, and global issues, thereby enabling them to make informed strategic decisions in both their professional and personal lives. Students in the CS+ECON BS will have a unique combination of intellectual, technical and creative skills that will set them apart.

For international students: this is a STEM-designated program, which can qualify you to extend your post-graduation stay in the United States.

Degree Requirements

The program prepares students to become:

  • Software developers who can apply their knowledge of economics in the development of computer applications in banking, finance, trading, insurance and other areas.
  • Economists who can leverage computing to efficiently analyze vast amounts of data, make precise forecasts, and formulate strategic economic policies, thus playing a critical role in guiding both business strategies and public policy decisions.

Common Careers in CS+Econ

  • Software Engineer
  • Quantitative Trader
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Scientist

Since the CS+ECON BS incorporates the core of the CS BS degree and the core of the ECON BA degree, graduates will also be well-prepared to pursue a graduate degree in either field.

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Student Organizations

DePaul is home to hundreds of student organizations to fit your interests and career goals, including the Computer Science Society, Economics Club, Data Science Group, Organization for Inclusion in Tech, and many more. These groups allow students to meet people, network, and discuss trends in their fields of interest.

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Research Labs

CDM is host to a number of specialized research labs equipped with advanced technology, software, and experimental tools to support faculty and students in their research endeavors.

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CDM Scholarships

The CDM Scholarship Program provides funding to continuing students in the Jarvis College of Computing and Digital Media, and accepts applications annually.


Department of Economics

The Department of Economics at DePaul prepares students for a wide range of careers through: specialized curricula with small class sizes, relevant coursework that prepares graduates for immediate job placement and career advancement, and a distinguished faculty with real-world experience.

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Student Spotlight

Learn more about students studying economics who are working in a wide array of fields.


Economics & Strategy Podcast

The Economics & Strategy Podcast is a monthly conversation with industry professionals that highlights how they use economics and strategic frameworks taught in the MBA in Business Strategy & Decision Making program. Interviewees represent multiple industries and various roles within their firms. The premise of the podcast is to examine how economic theory is being practically applied in real-world strategic situations.

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