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The MA in Animation degree provides a combination of artistic and technical training that prepares students for a future in 3D character animation, traditional animation, computer game art, or visual effects. In 2016, Animation Career Review ranked DePaul Animation the #16 animation program in the U.S.

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  • Brian Ferguson

    Brian is a 25-year veteran Walt Disney Feature Animation character animator whose filmography includes Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, and Mulan.

  • Heinz Schuller

    Heinz is a 23-year veteran of the games industry, and his credits include F.E.A.R.3, Mechwarrior 4, and several Indie game titles.

  • Meghann Artes

    Meghann is an award-winning filmmaker and her films have played in festivals around the world. Her most recent two films were both selected as Vimeo Staff Picks and have been viewed over half a million times.

Admission Process

The graduate application process involves completing an online application, sending in your transcripts and submitting any supplemental material (e.g., letters of recommendation, certifications, etc.). To learn more about the process, visit our Graduate Admission page for more information.

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2 Concentrations

Animator Concentration

The Animator Concentration is for students who are interested in deepening their knowledge of 3D modeling and animation, or traditional animation with an eye towards a production career in animation, 3d character animation, computer game art, or visual effects. Students in this concentration will receive intense and rigorous training in the history, critical artistic issues, and fundamental principles that are necessary for animation artists. MA in Animation graduates will be prepared for the many varied career options available to animators, including storyboard artists, visual development artists, modelers, layout artists, character animators, effects animators, character riggers, motion capture artists, lighting artists, commercial animators, motion graphics artists, game artists, environment modelers and effects artists.

Technical Artist Concentration

The Technical Artist Concentration prepares students for a range of technical roles, from the complex jobs of riggers, next generation modelers and motion capture artists to the hybrid specialization of the Technical Artist. A game industry Technical Artist is an art department member who serves as a bridge between art and engineering. The TA needs to understand the language of both fields and act as a translator between the areas. In the film and television CGI animation and VFX industries the Technical Artist is more commonly referred to as a Technical Director or Technical Animator. The TA in these fields shares many of the core responsibilities (pipeline, troubleshooting) and animation technical skills as the game TA.

Animation Faculty

DePaul has one of the largest full-time Animation faculties in the country. Their filmography includes Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Mulan, The Simpsons, Futurama, and Rugrats. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds in feature and TV animation, commercial production, game development, motion graphics, CGI, and art exhibition. They have worked at major animation and game studios including: Disney Feature Animation, Fox TV, Fox Kids, JibJab, Will Vinton, Sesame Street, NBC Studios, Nickelodeon, Calabash, Rough Draft, WMS, RoboModo, Wideload, and Day 1, and have exhibited internationally at galleries and film festivals.

Game Development Teams

DePaul Game Development with Octodad

Students interested in game art can take advantage of CDM’s large and active game development program by working with game design and programming students on game projects. These projects take many forms: multi-disciplinary team courses, game development contests run by the student organization DeFRAG, and extra-curricular special projects. Your project may join our many award-winning student games, including the indie game hit Octodad.

LA Quarter Learn More

LA Quarter

Animation students have the opportunity to study and intern in Los Angeles for three months through DePaul’s innovative LA Quarter program. Students accepted into the program earn degree credit while living in the center of the animation, film and game development industries. LA Quarter students have interned at many studios including DreamWorks Animation, Bix Pix Entertainment, Duck Animation Studios, and Nickelodeon Animation.

Visiting Artists Series Learn More


The School of Cinematic Arts Visiting Artist Series brings the top animators, filmmakers, game artists and designers to DePaul for workshops and lectures. Past visiting artists include legendary Russian animator Yuri Norstein, stop-motion animators The Brothers Quay, experimental 3D animator David O’Reilly, Pixar director Doug Sweetland, Pixar character designer Chris Sasaki, Adventure Time artists Jesse Moynihan, Michael DeForge, and Sam Alden, Double Fine Games concept artist Scott Campbell, Disney Feature Animation storyboard artist Lissa Treiman, Werner Herzog, the Wachowskis, and many more.

Premiere Film Festival Learn More


School of Cinematic Art's best student films screen annually at the historic Music Box Theatre.

Transition To MFA

Students who have been admitted into the MA in Animation can apply for admission into the MFA in Animation program. Students can apply at any time as long as they have not completed more than 24 credit hours while in the MA. If admitted into the MFA, the courses taken during the MA will be applied to the MFA. The MFA clock begins at the time of first enrollment and will not be extended due to a program change.

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