Visiting Artists Series 


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About the Series

The School of Cinematic Arts Visiting Artist Series (VAS) was founded in 2008 as an educational and community outreach program with the goal of bringing innovative practitioners and industry leaders to the DePaul campus. The mission is threefold: to provide students with opportunities to have direct and meaningful contact with established and emerging innovators and professionals in the field; to raise the national and international profile of the School of Cinematic Arts; and to foster a sense of community among DePaul students, faculty, staff and the professional digital media community at large.

Recent Artists

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Christine Vachon

Independent film producer Christine Vachon describes the time period she entered the business and her role as a producer.


Werner Herzog

Oscar-winning director Werner Herzog gives advice to aspiring filmmakers.


Dominic Cianciolo

Director Dominic Cianciolo describes mapping the writing process for the video game "Injustice: Gods Among Us".


Steve James

Oscar-nominated director Steve James talks about creating "Life Itself" his documentary on the life and career of Roger Ebert.


The Wachowskis

Lana and Andy Wachowski share stories about getting started in the business.


The Harvest

Director, John McNaughton, Producer Steven A. Jones and Actor Michael Shannon share the challenges of filming The Harvest and persevering in the business.


Bob Gale

The Oscar Nominated writer of Back to the Future shares his process for writing a successful screenplay.


Lucy Alibar

The Oscar Nominated writer of Beasts of the Southern Wild shares the genesis of her film and thoughts on attaining success.


Scott Campbell

The illustrator and art director for the popular video game Psychonauts reveals how to create a character, how to build a dynamic portfolio and working successfully as part of a creative team.


Steve Levitan

The Emmy Award-winning creator and executive producer of the hit TV series Modern Family shares his journey on becoming a producer and selling Modern Family to the networks.


Danny Pudi

The actor from the hit comedy series Community talks about the actor/director relationship and his process of creating Abed Nadir.


Tim Robbins and Sister Helen Prejean

The director and writer of Dead Man Walking discuss their working relationship and share the story behind the compelling performances of Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn.