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The Master of Fine Arts is a highly selective two-year program designed to cultivate the writer's voice through a demanding curriculum focused on the craft of screenwriting that culminates in a comprehensive film and television portfolio of original work. Additionally, writers are educated on the business side of the entertainment industry and are guided through the process of moving from student to professional writer.

All of the MFA Screenwriting courses are offered in the evenings to allow working professionals to be able to attend graduate school full-time while still maintaining their current careers. The curriculum is designed to be completed in twenty-one months, but it can also be done at a slower pace for those who are interested in participating part-time. MFA students have opportunities to defray the cost of earning their degrees, through employment within the school itself, Graduate Assistantships that offer course credit and a stipend.

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  • Christopher Parrish

    Chris is a screenwriter in TV and film. Amongst his credits are Curb Your Enthusiasm, The King of Queens, American Dragon: Jake Long and Thrill Ride.

  • Brad Riddell

    Brad is a professional screenwriter and Writer’s Guild of America member. His credits include, "Crooked Arrows," "Road Trip II," "Slap Shot: The Junior League," and "American Pie: Band Camp."

  • Matt Quinn

    Matt has worked in feature development at DreamWorks Studios, DreamWorks Animation and as a reader for Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films.

Admission Process

The graduate application process involves completing an online application, sending in your transcripts and submitting any supplemental material (e.g., letters of recommendation, certifications, etc.). To learn more about the process, visit our Graduate Admission page for more information.

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Courier 12 Screenwriting

LA Quarter

The annual Courier 12 Screenwriting Conference presents a series of panel discussions focused on writing for film and television with some of the top talent in the industry.

LA Quarter Learn More

LA Quarter

This ten-week immersion program enables you to live in Los Angeles, take classes on a historic studio lot, and intern at high profile companies.

The Script List

Upon graduation, your contact information as well as the titles and loglines of all of your projects will be put into a book that will be sent to hundreds of agents and managers in order to help your work get into the hands of those who can buy it and get it made. Additionally, each spring after you graduate, we will check in to see what you have written so that we can include your most recent scripts in the alumni section of the book; we will continue to promote you and your work in this way for as long as you continue to write!

Visiting Artists Series learn more


Watch and learn from film, TV, animation and gaming artists and professionals in an intimate theatre or master class.

Cinespace Alliance Learn More

cinespace chicago

Our stages, classrooms, and facilities housed next to network television shows and Hollywood feature films. Watch ABC7 News: Cinespace got Hollywood's Attention

Premiere Film Festival Learn More


Our best student films screen annually at the historic Music Box Theatre in front of industry professionals, friends and family.

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Roberto Larios
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