Dolores Wilber

Professor // Design, Cinematography, Directing
School of Design
Dolores Wilber

Bio and Research Information

Dolores Wilber is a Professor and has taught at DePaul since 1998. She received her M.F.A. from The School of the Art Institute and has operated her own graphic design and multidisciplinary art practice for over twenty years. Her multidisciplinary approach embraces print, installation, video, performance and radio. Her work has been exhibited widely including in Chicago, Cleveland, Ann Arbor, London, Estonia, Portugal, Germany, and China. She has received many awards including Illinois Arts Council Fellowships, an American Embassy Travel grant, and a Peabody Award for her work for the national public radio program This American Life. Her short film, Chests, was premiered at the Ann Arbor Film Festival, and 147 Pianos, a documentary of a performance, premiered at Chicago International Movies and Music Festival and at the Citizens Media Lab, Coliscu Theater, Porto, Portugal in 2016.

Research Area

Design, Cinematography, Directing

Specific Research Area

I look for ways to work with other people to make things together. How we live, work, abide and survive occupy my attention. Performance, film, installation, almost anything, are the consequences. Outcomes are formal, often baroque, exaggerated and dramatic, aiming for intimacy, recognition and beauty. Creating a setting to have an experience with other people together is essential. Live performance and interaction is transformative in ways that mediated experiences rarely attain. Enduring forms in film and print extend the limits of an immediate live audience. Intense research, site specificity, and multimedia, activated by collaboration are the methodology; culture, memory, the body, and connections to others are the content. I aim to interrogate what is right rather what is wrong.

Professional Associations

American Institute of Graphic Arts, College Art Association

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