Raphael Nash

Adjunct Faculty // Post Production, Cinema Production, Education
College of Computing and Digital Media
Raphael Nash

Bio and Research Information

Raphael Nash is an independent film & television producer, and director. He received his MFA in Film & Media Arts from Temple University in 2011. While pursuing this degree, he worked as a film instructor for the non-profit, Digital Youth Network, where he worked closely with middle & high school students on the south-side of Chicago. Here, he helped to expose young people to film & television production, and helped to guide a select group into collegiate film programs. In 2012, he launched the film & video production company, Endangered Peace, Inc. - functioning as both a video production service, and independent film company. As a video production service, its clientele ranges from Marketing/PR Agencies, to Educational Institutions. As an independent film company, it has funded and produced several award-winning short films and documentaries.

Research Area

Post Production, Cinema Production, Education

Specific Research Area

Race and Representation in Television and Cinema.

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