Nathan DeWitt

Adjunct Faculty // Screenwriting, Directing
College of Computing and Digital Media
Nathan DeWitt

Bio and Research Information

Additional Office Location: Student Center 332 (Lincoln Park)-Tuesdays Phone Number: 773-325-3731 Raised outside Washington D.C. Nathan DeWitt holds his BA in English and Philosophy from the University of Virginia and an MFA in Writing for Screen and Television from the University of Southern California. He spent six years living and working in Los Angeles, writing for several web series and doing rewrite work on feature scripts and television pilots before coming to DePaul. At DePaul, Nathan has moderated panels at The Page One Writer's Conference, helped spearhead Pitch Day, a gathering of SCA students focused on collaboration, worked as part of The TV Project and the TV Incubator and written, directed and produced original scripted and documentary content for the web. He continues to write screenplays, teleplays, fiction and prose. His influences include Ernest Hemingway, The Wire, Quentin Tarantino, Phil Hartman, Steven Spielberg, Charlie Kaufman, David Fincher, Breaking Bad, Kurt Cobain, F. Scot Fitzgerald, Dallas, Donna Tartt, Bret Easton Ellis and Larry David.

Research Area

Screenwriting, Directing

Specific Research Area

Television/ Media Studies. Screenwriting, re-writing, scene writing. Writing the one-hour drama series. Writing the one-hour drama pilot. Script analysis.

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