B Rich

Assistant Professor // Multimedia, Cinematography, Game Development
School of Design
B Rich

Bio and Research Information

B. Rich is a writer, filmmaker, designer, teacher and scientist. He holds an MFA in Film/Video, and a BA in Biology. He is happy to have spent so much time deep in the sciences, as the scientific process heavily influences his creative projects. He writes and directs both fiction and nonfiction films, shoots his own and others’ documentaries, and develops stories about complex concepts and issues across multiple media formats. This weaving of stories called transmedia has propelled him into game design, interactive design and virtual reality. He loves to travel and experience different cultures. Before beginning graduate school, he lived in China and taught English. He never did see the Great Wall, but enjoyed long afternoons in tea houses talking politics with retired teachers and 'sent-down girls', and late nights discussing the concept of ‘liberation’ with Tibetans over beers. Documentaries offer him the kind of travel opportunities he craves; to access, experience and learn from people and places on a level of intimacy rarely granted to someone from someplace else. So far, filming has taken him to Russia, England, Israel, Palestine, India, Japan, Ecuador and around the United States. The world is filled with inspiring people doing amazing things; he'd like to meet them all.

Research Area

Multimedia, Cinematography, Game Development

Specific Research Area

Transmedia storytelling, Virtual Reality production and semiotics, Sustainable and Regenerative development, Environmental Economic policy, Games for social and environmental change

Professional Associations

UFVA, IFP Chicago, IDA

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