Barbara Raidl

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Barbara Raidl

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Barbara Raidl is a Lecturer in the graphic design program in CDM’s School of Design. She received her BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, her MA from St. John’s College, and her MFA from the University of Chicago. She has been teaching and working in Chicago since 2001. Her work engages a multitude of subjects (and non-subjects) and focuses on an exploratory methodology. Recently she has fallen in love with silk-screen printing, which has captivated her with the relationships its process enforces between design and drawing. She is also the owner of Kinaloon, a stationery company with a focus on greeting cards. One day she hopes to take over the world with her paper goods empire—but for the time being you can find her printed work in the gift shops of the National Gallery, the Getty Museum, the Barnes Foundation, and other retailers around the country and abroad.

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