Heather Quinn

Assistant Professor // Design, Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction
School of Design
Heather Quinn

Bio and Research Information

Heather Snyder Quinn (she/her) is an Assistant Professor of Design, the 2021-22 Wicklander Fellowship recipient from DePaul’s Institute for Business and Professional Ethics, and a 2022 OpEd Public Voice Fellow. Heather is usually where she “isn’t supposed to be.” You will find her playing in unexpected places, physical or virtual, and collaborating with people from various backgrounds. Her work uses design fiction to empower communities to imagine possible futures and understand technology’s impact on human freedoms. The World Economic Forum, MIT Press, Yale Law School, The Washington Post, Hyperallergic, and NASA have recognized her work. Currently, she is editing Technologies of Deception, a publication bringing together art, design, technology, ethics, futurism, and policymaking. Dedicated to improving society through design, she serves as Chair & Director of Design Futures for Design Incubation, an organization dedicated to elevating research in design, and co-chair of Speculative Futures Chicago. Previously she was co-chair of AIGA Chicago’s Women Lead. Heather lives in Chicago with her husband, Joe, and their two daughters. Website: heathersnyderquinn.com Instagram: @heathersnyderquinn LinkedIn: heathersnyderquinn/

Research Area

Design, Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction

Specific Research Area

design fiction for ethical worldbuilding—artificial intelligence + metaverse

Professional Associations

Design Futures Initiative, Design Incubation, Society of Typographic Arts

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