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Liliane Calfee

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First and foremost, Liliane is a storyteller. Whether through her photography work, documentary filmmaking, or digital media campaigns, she's always been drawn to the creation of new narratives that humanize polarizing topics and impact social change. After over a decade of providing digital marketing through her company Soleil Media, she's shifted to content creation and education. Her company now focuses on socially conscious films. Currently, she's working on a documentary called "Mother's Circle," a short film about the power of a restorative justice model led by nuns on the South Side. The circle brings together mothers who have lost their sons due to gun violence and mothers whose sons have been incarcerated for those same crimes. In 2016, Liliane Calfee spearheaded the DePaul + CHA Youth Programs to offer film and media skills to youth in public housing. The two-tiered mentorship model includes industry experts in film, screenwriting, photography, and game design coupled with DePaul’s top graduate students. Youth and their mentors work on projects through the summer that amplify their unique perspectives through visual storytelling and game play. These award-wining programs have now expanded to year-long outreach—VIP set tours, world class film festivals, technical workshops, and community screenings—providing young people continued industry access and transformational experiences.

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