Kaitlin Creadon

Adjunct Faculty // Cinema Production, Directing
College of Computing and Digital Media
Kaitlin Creadon
  • Email: kcreadon@depaul.edu
  • Office:CDM 632A
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Bio and Research Information

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Kaitlin Creadon is a director, documentarian, and production designer. She attended Marquette University for undergrad, where she graduated with her BA in Communications, specializing in Broadcast and Electronic Communications and minoring in Film Studies. It was there her passion for film production became evident. Kaitlin continued her education at DePaul University. At DePaul, she honed her directing skills and fell more in love with specific aspects of filmmaking, like production and set design. Throughout her filmmaking career, she has been on film shoots of various sizes, budgets, and genres, and has loved them all. All aspects of filmmaking are fantastic, and she truly believes that everyone should spend at least one day in each department to gain appreciation for the hard work that goes into every little detail. Kaitlin is the founder of Tembo Media Productions, LLC, which she started for her most recent documentary "For the Love of the Child". Her passion for filmmaking is evident in her every day life. When not working on films in some degree, Kaitlin is teaching at DePaul and Marquette, spending time at the movie theater, or hanging out with her beloved pup Maggie. Her favorite places to travel regularly are the Wisconsin Northwoods and Disney World. She also longs to go to Italy and back to Tanzania someday!

Research Area

Cinema Production, Directing

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