Owen Schaffer

Adjunct Faculty // Human Computer Interaction, Game Development, Information Systems
College of Computing and Digital Media
Owen Schaffer

Bio and Research Information

Owen Schaffer makes website, application, and game designs more engaging, usable, and enjoyable by applying Psychology and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research methods. Owen has worked as a User Experience Researcher both as an external consultant and internally with a wide range of industries, including game development. At Ubisoft Montreal, Owen did research to make their games more fun. Owen has taught HCI training courses and done consulting for Human Factors International. He took HFI's training courses and passed their exam to become a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) in 2005, over a decade ago. He has also passed their exam to become a Certified User Experience Analyst (CXA).

Selected Publications

Schaffer, O., Fang, X. (2017). Sources of Computer Game Enjoyment: Card Sorting to Develop a New Model. HCI International 2017, Vancouver, Canada. Proceedings Published in M. Kurosu (Ed.). HCI 2017, Part II, LNCS 10272, pp. 1–10, Springer International Publishing AG. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-58077-7_9 Schaffer, O., Fang, X. (2015). Finding Flow with Games: Does Immediate Progress Feedback Cause Flow? Americas Conference on Information Systems, Puerto Rico. https://doi.org/10.13140/RG.2.1.4236.8725 Schaffer, O. (2013). Crafting Fun User Experiences: A Method to Facilitate Flow. Human Factors International White Paper. http://www.humanfactors.com/FunExperiences.asp

Research Area

Human Computer Interaction, Game Development, Information Systems

Specific Research Area

Flow and enjoyment in digital games. Games user research and gamification.

Professional Associations

Association for Information Systems (AIS)

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