Kaia Olsen

Professional Lecturer // Animation Techniques, Cinema Production, Visual Effects
School of Cinematic Arts
Kaia Olsen
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Bio and Research Information

Chris Olsen is an EMMY®-winning filmmaker and interdisciplinary artist, with a practice that merges film, visual effects, theater, animation, and performance. Chris has produced/directed numerous live action films and animated productions (including VEGGIETALES®, THE KARL DAHL SHOW, and THREADS), dance and theatrical performances (including MANDINGA, MEARRA, and TXAI), and received multiple Emmy® nominations for his PBS television programs (including THE ARTSIDERS®, BENEATH THE WHITE CITY LIGHTS, and A LIGHT IN THE DARK). In his spare time, Chris enjoys long walks down dark alleys, and well made chai.

Research Area

Animation Techniques, Cinema Production, Visual Effects

Specific Research Area

Interdisciplinary Performance

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